Idols with braces Idols with braces

Idols who looked super cute with braces, have you seen these photos of them?

Did you know that some idols wore braces? Our favorite K-Pop stars looked so cute in them

Some of our favorite K-Pop artists wore braces to straighten their teeth, but this made them look so cute, here are some of them.

We can always find a lot of things that we can admire or identify with from our favorite idols. K-Pop artists often also have hobbies and experiences that we have. Even in their time as trainees where they could have fun adventures.

In addition to being very talented people, K-Pop stars are also humans with super cute and oftentimes quite funny personalities. Each one has a very unique way of being and with which many fans love and admire as much as their various musical abilities.

Within the stories of K-Pop idols we can find their origins, some of them lived outside of Korea and traveled to that country to start their time as trainees. Some of them need glasses to see, others even wore braces, did you know? The truth is that they looked very cute with these.

So here we have some idols who wore braces, they looked super pretty with these braces and now their smile is corrected, but we can admire how sweet they looked with their braces.

8 Idols who wore braces and looked really cute

1. STRAY KIDS' Jongin

STRAY KIDS maknae I.N or Jeongin used to wear braces. If this idol is super cute in itself, now seeing him with his braces makes us die of cuteness.

Jeongin and his braces | Twitter: @jungwo_ow

2. TWICE's Jihyo

Did you know that TWICE leader used to wear braces? Jihyo looked very cute with this artifact, we can't lie, she is really pretty and even if her smile is brighter today, we miss those braces days.

Jihyo with braces | Twitter: @KrabSteak

3. SEVENTEEN's Vernon

Woah! Vernon with braces, omg, he looks really, really cute, pls... This SEVENTEEN rappers used this artifact to make his smile perfect, but just look at him. We wish him to wear them once again, pleasee.

Vernon wearing braces | Twitter: @jungwo_ow

4. IVE's Wonyoung

Wonyoung is such a cute girl, we love her as Music Bank MC and, she's also an amazing idol in IVE, did you know that she wore braces? Here's a cute picture of her with them on.

Wonyoung and her braces | Twitter: @rainbwjoon

5. GOT7's BamBam

A young BamBam approaching, and he was wearing his braces, he looks super cute in this picture, look at him! It's been so long since his debut with GOT7 and of course he looks pretty different now :').

BamBam wearing braces | Twitter: @KrabSteak

6. ITZY's Chaeryeong

Do you remember when Chaeryeong and her sister went to this show as some kind of audition? Well, both of the girls were wearing braces and they looked super cute. Look how young the ITZY idol was back then.

Chaeryeong used to wear braces | Twitter: @rainbwjoon

7. NCT's Doyoung

We know that Doyoung is one of the most handsome members from NCT, but when he was wearing braces, he looked super cute, we can't deny it! Look at him, omg, give us those times back.

Doyoung with braces | Twitter: @jungwo_ow

8. ASTRO's Sanha

Another maknae, Sanha is the youngest member in ASTRO, and he used to wear braces, he looked super cute, we loved him back then. (We love him now too, tho!).

Sanha anf his braces | Twitter: @rainbwjoon

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