K-Pop idols who love cats K-Pop idols who love cats

Idols who have cats as pets, these K-Pop artists are cat lovers

There are a lot of idols who let us know their most tender facet with their pets, who of them have cats at home?

Is your favorite idol a cat lover? Here we have some K-Pop artists who own cats as pets. How do they take care of them at home?

There are a lot of facts that we can know about our favorite K-Pop stars and that is that sometimes they can let us see a little about themselves in songs, in what they are inspired by or write. But there is also more content that reveals new features of each idol.

In the South Korean music industry we can find great artists who are not only dedicated to singing and dancing, smiling for the camera, no, nothing like that. There are so many idols who are great writers and producers. Others become actors and there are those who have different talents such as drawing, painting, cooking, among much more.

Knowing different phases of our favorite idols is just great and perhaps the sweetest thing about each of them stands out when they share moments with their pets. There are idols with puppies as pets, others even have parrots, hedgehogs and countless other animals.

But there are also K-Pop artists who love cats and in fact have one or a few as pets, here we have some of them that will simply show you their most tender side.

6 K-Pop idols who own cats as pets


BLACKPINK's Lisa has her 'L Family' which consists of 4 cats, isn't that amazing? She really loves kittens and even had a photo shoot with her pets.

Lisa and her cats | Twitter: @cyanblink

2. STRAY KIDS' Lee Know

Lee Know is also a big fan of cats and has some of them, his life revolves around these animals, he has them on his cell phone and has also supported causes for cat shelters in Korea.

Lee Know loves cats | Twitter: @yjinpnk

3. MONSTA X's Joohoney

Joohoney is an amazing MONSTA X rapper who has a soft spot for kittens, he has two of them that he adopted some time ago, it's the cutest thing you'll see today.

Joohoney and one of his cats | Twitter: @jookyunsite

4. SEVENTEEN's Vernon

SEVENTEEN's Vernon also loves cats, he even had one as a pet but it passed away. Doesn't this rapper's personality remind you of shy kitties?

Vernon's such a cat person | Twitter: @chweposts

5. NCT's Jeno

Even though Jeno is allergic to cats, he really loves them and has 3 of these animals as pets at home, LOL, well everything can be controlled when there is love.

Jeno with a cat | Twitter: @_jaemiverse

6. GOT7's JB

GOT7's JB loves cats so much that it was once known that he had exactly 5 cats at home, isn't that the cutest thing about this idol? Awww!

JB loves cats | Twitter: @GoodMorningSosa

Cats are very cute just like idols with their pets, today's dose of cuteness has been filled by these artists.

Keep reading more about your favorite idols, do you know who's the ideal type of BLACKPINK members? 

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