Idols who are siblings Idols who are siblings

Idols who are siblings but belong to different K-Pop groups

Did you know that there are K-Pop artists who have siblings in the same industry? This is how they show that their families are full of talent

There are many boys and girls who start their career as trainees inspired by their older brothers, others start as brothers at the same time but end up debuting in different groups. Here we have some sibling idols who are very talented.

We love that in K-Pop everything is very varied, for all tastes there will be something perfect in this great musical genre. And the fact is that there are always highly creative and different groups, rhythms, choreographies, concepts and others that help each person identify with the one they like the most.

Among the idols there is also a wide variety of personalities, charismas, characteristics and endless other aspects that also make each of these artists totally unique and different. Their identities are reflected in their work in music and on the stages where fans can see them.

And not to mention the great talent that all K-Pop artists have. Many of them are not just limited to singing and dancing, we have amazing songwriters, producers, MCs, actors, models and more within the world of this genre of music from South Korea.

Wow, talent runs through a lot of Korean citizens, but did you know that there are idols who are siblings? Many artists have a brother or sister within the same industry, here are some of them.

8 Sibling pairs who are idols in different K-Pop groups

1. TXT's Huening Kai and Kep1er's Huening Bahiyyih

Huening Kai debuted in TXT and later his sister was a contestant on Girls Planet 999 where Kep1er was formed, so Bahiyyih turned into an idol just like his brother. They also have an older sister who used to be in a K-Pop group too.

Bahiyyih and Huening Kai are siblings | Twitter: @Ayaningie_

2. ITZY's Chaeryeon and IZ*ONE's Chaeyoung

This pair of siblings debuted on the same year, even if IZ*ONE disbanded, Chaeyoung was a part of this idol group, just like her sister Chaeryeon who belongs to ITZY. They're truly talented!

Chaeyoung and Chaeryeong | Twitter: @ultleemate

3. VICTON’s Seung Woo and SECRET's Han Sun Hwa

Han Sun Hwa was one of the idols of the girl group SECRET, her brother debuted later in VICTON, Seung Woo and Sun Hwa are siblings.

These two are siblings too! | Twitter: @theseoulstory

4. Girls’ Generation's Jessica and f(x)'s Krystal

SM Entertainment recruited two Jung sisters, Jessica and Krystal. Only the first one ended up debuting in 2007 with Girls' Generation and the second debuted in 2009 with f(x).

Jessica and Krystal | Twitter: @mysonereveluv

5. 2NE1's Sandara Park and MQBLAC's Thunder

In senior groups there have also been pairs of brothers who belong to different groups, one of them is Sandara Park who was part of 2NE1 and Thunder, one of the members of MQBLAC.

Thunder & Sandara | Twitter: @thunderarchive

6. INFINITE’S Seungyeol and Golden Child’s Daeyeol

Seungyeol and Daeyeol are brothers who debuted under the same company, the first one did it with INFINITE in 2010. Meanwhile the younger borther debuted on 2017 as a member of Golden Child.

Seungyeol and Daeyeol are brothers | Twitter: @crispychris_777

7. ONEUS' Xion and ONEWE’s Dongmyeong

ONEWE is the second group of Dongmyeong since he debuted before as a member of  MAS 0094, and his twin brother is Xion who is a member from ONEUS.

Dongmyeon and Xion are twins! | Twitter: @hunbyuls

8. NCT's Doyoung and 5URPRISE Gong Myung

In this pair of siblings, Gong Myung was the one who debuted first as a member of 5URPRISE, then Doyoung debuted as a part of NCT. The older brother was pretty proud of his younger sibling.

Doyoung and Gong Myung | Twitter: @iconickdramas

Keep reading more about your favorite K-Pop artists, here we tell you more about some Japanese idols which shine bright in this musical genre. 

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