Idols who are good at cooking Idols who are good at cooking

Idols who are excellent cooks and could work as chefs

There are a lot of idols with different talents besides music, like those who have a gift for cooking and are great chefs

The hobbies of a lot of idols also become their specialties and that is when we notice that their talents are not limited only to the stage, what K-Pop artists could open a restaurant by being such good chefs?

In K-Pop we find a lot of complete artists who are not only good at singing, rapping or dancing. There are many idols who have surprised their fans with their work as song writers, composers, or producers. And also as choreographers for their idol groups.

But outside of music, there are many Korean Pop stars who surprise us with more of their hidden skills and talents. And it is that sometimes the hobbies of these celebrities become something more serious for them, taking them to their maximum splendor even if they do it just for fun.

This is how we find idols who are great cartoonists or painters, others become amazing MCs. Perhaps there are those who are good athletes, we even find those who love photography and share their best shots with their fans. The talent in Korea is limitless.

But we also have idols who are excellent cooks, they are so talented that they could easily become chefs and in fact they often feed their group members with their best dishes, who are they?

5 Idols who have a special talent in cooking and could become professional chefs

1. BTS' Jin

Did you know that Jin from BTS is good at cooking? His groupmates love it whan he cooks something for them, he has a special touch for food and ARMY know it well, fans love it when he takes the kitchen and makes a delicious dish.

Jin is BTS' official chef | Twitter: @KsjSelenophile

2. EXO's D.O

D.O is soooo good at cooking that he couldn't be a chef, he already is one! This EXO member has his culinary license and so, we all love it when he prepares something delicious and shares it with fans.

D.O is a great chef | Twitter: @chansoodae

3. MONSTA X's Kihyun

Kihyun from MONSTA X is not only one of the best vocalists in K-Pop industry, he's also amazing at cooking, he loves to make some dishes for his groupmates and share some recipes with MONBEBE.

Kihyun loves to cook for his groupmates | Twitter: @kyunnessy

4. SEVENTEEN's Mingyu

Is there something that Mingyu is not talented in? This guy is the perfect man and we know very well that he is a great cook. He is even endorsed by Wonwoo who said that he sometimes makes midnight snacks for him, awww! We love the official chef of SEVENTEEN.

Mingyu loves cooking | Twitter: @louvgyus

5. NCT's Taeyong

Taeyong impressed many when it was known that he is a good cook, he feels confident in his cooking ability and other NCT members also confirm that his touch in the kitchen is great.

Taeyong is good at cooking | Twitter: @taeeeyongg

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