Idols who are good at sports Idols who are good at sports

Idols who are excellent athletes, what sports do they play?

A lot of artists in K-Pop have skills for other disciplines like sports, who among them are good athletes?

Did you know that there are idols who used to play sports? Thus they prove to be multi-talented stars not only in music.

Our favorite idols are a great example of talent and dedication both in music and in many other fields, as there are K-Pop stars who are not only dedicated to singing and dancing. There are those who are also good actors, great cartoonists, models and others who demonstrate at all times for their fans.

We can see that in the K-Pop industry all the artists are really multi-talented, nobody is dedicated to only one thing and that is that as they have new hobbies, they specialize in new disciplines. And there are also those who before becoming trainees worked in other fields and finally discovered their musical talents.

Like some idols who used to be athletes before becoming K-Pop artists, they performed in different sports and showed us their great power in each of their disciplines. Perhaps from that to music it is a big change, but in both things they were able to develop very well and shine in everything.

So here we have some idols who were previously athletes, or who, along with being K-Pop artists, also play sports, who of them is your favorite star?

7 K-Pop idols who are also amazing at sports, which ones do they practice?

1. GOT7's Jackson Wang

Jackson Wang used to be a fencer, his family is made up of athletes, and even this GOT7 idol participated in Olympic events. But he decided to quit sports and become an idol without forgetting his roots and his other passion besides music.

Jackson Wang used to be a fencer | Twitter: @wjiaerlooks

2. ENHYPEN's Sunghoon

Sunghoon from ENHYPEN used to be an ice skater, he represented his country some times and he even was a medalist. But then, he decided to become an idol and now we can see his past with pride as ENGENEs.

Sunghoon when he was an ice skater | Twitter: @shiceprince

3. SHINee's Key

Key used to be a water skater, he represented Daegu in some competions back when he was in highschool. This SHINee idol has some great skills in water, and it's amazing.

Key used to be a water skater | Twitter: @heynoona_id

4. NCT's Yuta

Since Yuta was 5 years old he started practicing soccer, he was constant in this sport during 11 years. It's the favorite one from this NCT idol and he could have been a professional but well, he started his time as a trainee.

Yuta is such an amazing soccer player | Twitter: @nayutafeed

5. WEi's Kim Yo Han

Kim Yo Han from WEi is an excellent taekwondo athlete since in his family it's almost a tradition to practice this sport. He represented Korea for 13 years before becoming an idol.

Kim Yo Han is amazing at Taekwondo | Twitter: @cottonandmochi

6. VIXX's Leo

Leo used to be a great soccer player, it's almost a speciality and VIXX fans could see his talent in this sport too.

Leo from VIXX is good at soccer | Twitter: @MarinaLeoN3010

7. VIXX's N

N is also a member from VIXX, he's a great figure skater and his skills are so great he's certificated in this sport.

N from VIXX is a figure skater | Twitter: @Vixxedgzbz

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