Japanese idols who shine in K-Pop Japanese idols who shine in K-Pop

Idols from Japan who conquered the fans of K-Pop

Did you know that in a lot of idol groups there are Japanese idols? Here we have some of them who conquered the audience with their talents

Some K-Pop agencies look for the talent of girls and boys outside of Korea, that is why in the music genre we find artists from Japan, who are the most recognized?

K-Pop is full of extremely talented and musically skilled artists. In this musical genre we can find great vocalists, agile rappers and synchronized dancers who, with their multiple skills, manage to completely conquer millions and millions of fans around the world.

The agencies of this musical genre in Korea always tend to continue looking for talented young people to prepare them and debut them in an idol group. These music companies are not only focused on South Korea when it comes to auditioning and finding new K-Pop promises.

This is why in the industry there are a lot of idols from different countries, there are artists who traveled from China, Thailand, the United States, Australia and even Japan. These boys and girls took a long journey to finally fulfill their dream and become K-Pop stars.

Here we have some of the most beloved K-Pop idols who came from Japan to conquer the entire public, now they have many fans.

6 Japanese idols who shine with their talent in K-Pop

1. TWICE's Momo

From a very young age, Momo dedicated herself to dancing and dreamed of dedicating herself to this, she was born in Kyoto, Japan and since 2008 she was already in Korea chasing her dream. She would soon join JYP Entertainment and eventually debut as a part of TWICE.

Momo was born in Japan | Twitter: @wandermomo

2. NCT's Yuta

NCT is a pretty big group and has talents from different parts of the world, like Yuta who was born in Osaka, Japan and from a very young age was inspired by TVXQ, dreaming of being an idol he joined SM Entertainment and would soon debut with Neo Culture Technology.

Yuta is Japanese | Twitter: @jaehyunbom__

3. Kep1er's Mashiro

Mashiro was born in Tokyo, Japan, she would soon come to Korea and become a JYP Entertainment trainee. She later became part of the Girls Planet 999 program in which Kep1er was formed.

Mashiro is from Japan | Twitter: @planet_shiro

4. ENHYPEN's Ni-Ki

Ni-Ki was born in Okaya, Japan, this ENHYPEN member was only a trainee for 8 months before debuting. He was part of I-LAND, a reality show from which this idol group was formed.

Ni-Ki was born in Japan | Twitter: @NI_KIGLOBAL

5. LIGHTSUM's Hina

LIGHTSUM has extremely talented members, one of them is Hina who was born in Kanagawa, Japan and became a Cube Entertainment trainee to finally debut with her girl group. Her role model has always been TWICE's Sana.

LIGHTSUM's Hina is Japanese | Twitter: @lightsumpics

6. TREASURE's Haruto

The members of TREASURE are just great and among them we find Haruto who Hukoka, Japan joined YG Entertainment and in 2019 was announced as an official member of his idol group.

Haruto was born in Japan | Twitter: @daydayeonie

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