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Iconic songs by SISTAR to welcome the summer with a lot of energy

Summer is coming! Are you ready for the best season of the year? These SISTAR classic songs must be on your summer playlist.

SISTAR is a legendary girl group. The Korean public was really shocked when Hyolyn, Bora, Soyou, and Dasom debuted in 2010. These talented ladies shook the industry with their confident and sexy concepts.

Their debut song "Push Push" was catchy and playful but the massive success came with "So Cool" and "Alone". These two tracks as considered K-Pop classics nowadays. The groups tried too many concepts but there was one special style that the world loved.

As you may know, SISTAR got the title of Queens of the summer thanks to the comebacks for this season. The charisma of Dasom and Bora plus the powerful voices of Hyolyn and Soyou gave us unforgettable songs for the hot days.

Unfourtanly, the group disbanded in 2017 when the members decided to explore different paths for their own careers. However, they still being good friends. Just like the Idols, we are also still in touch with their music. Let's welcome the summer with their best songs.

SISTAR songs that you need in your summer playlist

1. I Swear (2014)

Let's start with a smooth but effective beat for the summer. Hyolyn's vocals in the chorus are on point.

2. SHAKE IT (2015)

Is impossible not to dance to this classic. SHAKE IT is insane! Let's follow these energetic but easy dance moves.

3. Loving U (2012)

This was the first summer single of the group and it was an instant success. Loving U is not getting old.

4. Touch My Body (2014)

Finally, let's enjoy this iconic hit. The playful choreography was all over the Internet in 2014. Turn up the music!

What other SISTAR song do you love to listen to in the summer?

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