EXO's Baekhun and Suzy EXO's Baekhun and Suzy

Iconic female-male K-Pop artists duets that every fan needs to know

Here are the best duets among K-Pop artists! These insane collaborations between male and female singers are unforgettable.

Let's be honest even if we have a favorite K-Pop artist, is impossible not to vibe with the music of another singer. This industry offer tons of talented musicians that can easily conquer our hearts. with their addictive single.

That's why we all love to see interactions between our favorite Korean singers. The dream of every fan is listening to a collaboration by our favorite Idols. Well, some lucky fans saw their dream come true.

Today we have for you some of the most successful duets between female and male singers. All the tracks on the list were a huge sensation in Korea. These skillful artists made the general public fall in love with them.

Of course, international K-Pop fans also have to know about these amazing collaborations. The chemistry between the singer is on point, their talents shine like never before and the songs are addictive. It sounds great, right?

K-Pop duets by female and male artists

1. Don't Give (2018) - Hwasa and Loco

This track was a whole success in Korea. The sexy voice of Hwasa sounds awesome with the clears Loco's raps. They are so talented!

2. Mayday (2020) - Crush and Joy

This track is even more special because Crush and Red Velvet's Joy are now a true couple. Their collaboration is sweet and soft, also, the music video is really funny.

3. Some (2014) - Soyou and Junggigo

The former member of SISTAR, Soyou and Junggigo made crazy Korea with this lovely song. This cheerful single will make you feel happy as it starts.

4. SoulMate (2018) - Zico and IU

These K-Pop monsters worked together to 'SoulMate'. What else can we say? IU and Zico just create quality songs.

5. Dream (2016) Baekhyun and Suzy

Finally, let's talk about this masterpiece. The song itself is awesome. However, their beautiful voices and undeniable charisma make this duet even better.

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