Hyolyn for 'iCE' Hyolyn for 'iCE'

Hyolyn songs everyone needs to know, here are the best tracks of SISTAR's former member

Hyolyn is back with the single "NO THANKS" Get into her career with these iconic songs.

We will never forget SISTAR. The Iconic girl group gave us tons of hits that are classic in the K-Pop culture. We all are missing these talented ladies. At least, we can enjoy the solo music of its ex-leader, Hyolyn.

The super talented artist just dropped her new single "NO THANKS". Would you like to know more about her solo career? Yes? Then, you're in the correct place. We have for you the best of her music. 

As you may know, Hyolyn is an all-rounded artist. During her rookie days, she caught the attention because of her powerful voice. She is one of the greatest vocalists in the industry. At the same time, she is a skillful rapper, she was in third place in the show Unpretty Rapstar.

Nowadays, she is well known for her sexy and fierce music. Her dancing skill will blow your mind. Since she can do everything, Hyolyn has tried many styles, let's recall her best songs ever.  Here we go!

Songs by Hyolyn that you need to know

1. ONE WAY LOVE (2013)

In 2013 Hyolyn debuted as a soloist. This amazing track is not getting old. Also, the choreography is unforgettable.

2. Paradise (2016)

We are in front of a Summer Queen. Is impossible not to dance to Paradise. Turn up the volume!

3. DARK PANDA feat Zico and Paloalto (2015)

Dark Panda might be an underrated song. However, the collaboration is wonderful. These three artists offer nothing but quality.

4. Layin' Low (2022)

Hyolyn is a super talented dancer. This music video is wild, the choreography is really hard. Such a masterpiece!

5. Dally (2018)

This single was one of her first singles after leaving Starship Entertainment. She took control of all the creative decisions. Eventually, her sexy dance was viral.

What other song should be on the list?

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