How were BLACKPINK members discovered? How were BLACKPINK members discovered?

How were BLACKPINK members recruited? This is how they joined YG Entertainment

Before debuting, BLACKPINK had their period as YG Entertainment trainees, how were these artists discovered and recruited?

How were the members of BLACKPINK discovered? Here we tell you how it was that YG Entertainment recruited the girls of the group.

BLACKPINK is one of the most recognized, famous and popular K-Pop girl groups of the moment. Thanks to the talent and dedication of the idols of this group for music, they have gained millions of fans around the world who do not fail to show their love and support for each of these idols.

Fate brought these 4 girls together to create the perfect formula in music and dance. Soon BP would be a highly successful and well-known idol group. BLINK knows a lot about these idols and there are fans who have been supporting the girl group for years and years. This is one of the biggest fandoms in music and it continues to grow exponentially day by day.

There is a lot that we can know about BLACKPINK through their fans and it is that they are often the ones in charge of collecting all the information from the idols and sharing it with the world. There is a whole brief about BP that we can learn about and admire thanks to its story.

And if we go back a bit to the beginning of BLACKPINK we can find more information that you may not have known, do you know how the members of the girl group were recruited? Here we tell you.

This is how the members of BLACKPINK were recruited

1. Jisoo

Jisoo used to sing as a hobby, her whole family enjoys doing it but her relatives saw her as a special talent. So she just once dared to audition for YG Entertainment. The agency was very interested in her, not only because of her singing style, but also because of her visuals. That was how she became a trainee.

Pre-Debut Jisoo | Twitter: @jichusworld

2. Jennie

From a young age Jennie admired many of the YG Entertainment artists, her parents wanted her to go to the US to study, but she decided to tell them what her dream was: to become an idol. So she soon traveled to Korea, as she lived in New Zealand, and auditioned for YG. That was how she became a trainee.

Trainee Jennie | Twitter: @jenternal

3. Rosé

Rosé was interested in music from a very young age, she played the piano, the guitar and also sang, although she only saw it as a hobby. But her dad was the one who convinced her to go to the auditions that YG Entertainment would hold in Australia, where the family lived. He even gave her a ride and that's how she became a K-Pop agency trainee.

Rosé during trainee days | Twitte: @rosekcharts

4. Lisa

As a child, Lisa began to dance and that is why at the YG Entertainment auditions in Thailand, she shone like no other thanks to her incredible movements. So she was recruited, Lalisa had to travel from her home country to Korea to become an idol.

Lisa on trainee days | Twitter: @WATERLALISA

This is how the members of BLACKPINK were discovered and recruited, now you know a little more about these incredible idols.

Keep reading more about BLACKPINK and its members, we tell you here what are their real names.

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