BLACKPINK members' height BLACKPINK members' height

How tall are BLACKPINK members? These are their heights

Are the members of BLACKPINK very tall? Get to know the heights of these incredible idols

On stage all the members of BLACKPINK look imposing and fierce, but do you know how tall they are? Maybe they are taller than you, how would you look next to them?

BLACKPINK is an incredible K-Pop group of which we can admire endless characteristics. Starting with the music of these idols, which is simply great, it combines very well the best beats, great voices and agile raps. In addition, they also put on a magnificent show on stage. This idol group is really powerful.

Another thing that we can appreciate about the members of BP is their amazing visuals, these girls are really beautiful, their physical characteristics attract a lot of fans who do not stop seeing them as the most attractive artists in the industry. These stars are very dear to BLINK and the support of their fandom is noticeable at all times.

K-Pop fanbases like BLINK are dedicated to collecting a lot of information about their favorite groups, and BLACKPINK is no exception. There is an encyclopedia of the girl group that their fans have been building and thus we can know many fun facts about idols. Surely you have learned a lot about them by reading even more on this page.

Well, here we have more information about the members of BLACKPINK, do you know what their heights are? Find out how tall these idols are.

What are the heights of the members of BLACKPINK? How tall are they?

1. Jisoo

Jisoo is 5.3ft tall which is 1.62 meters, maybe she is not so tall a little more than average, she also looks taller with heels and the stage empowers this amazing artist, OMG.

Jisoo's height | Twitter: @acturistic

2. Jennie

Jennie is 1.5m tall, she's just as tall as Jisoo, OMG, have you noticed? Well, in centimeters she is 1 centimeter taller, so it would be 1.63.

How tall is BLACKPINK's Jennnie? | Twitter: @poopheyy

3. Rosé

Rosé is 5.5ft tall, she is the tallest member of BLACKPINK although her measurement in meters is more notable, which would be 1.68.

Rosé's height | Twitter: @rshourly

4. Lisa

Lisa is a little shorter than Rosé, the BLACKPINK maknae's height is 5.4 ft, which is 1.67 meters.

Lisa is so tall | Twitter: @chaelisamusic

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