How are distributed the members from SEVENTEEN into three teams? How are distributed the members from SEVENTEEN into three teams?

How are SEVENTEEN members distributed in its subunits? These are their teams

As you might know, SEVENTEEN has three subunits according to the specialities of its members, how are they distributed in these teams?

SEVENTEEN has a total of 13 members, each one of them specializes in a different skill and that's why they belong to different teams.

The members of SEVENTEEN are full of talent, creativeness and more abilities which are visible in every comeback and performance. Even if they're 13 idols with different ideas and skills, they've made the best formula and work really well as a team.

For a better organization, SVT has divided the group into three subunits, they have Vocal Team with the best singers of the band, then there's Hip-Hop Team which has amazing rappers of the idol group. And last, but not least, SEVENTEEN has its Performance Team with incredible dancers.

And even if we can tell that SVT idols are specialized in one of these capabilities, all of them can sing and dance in the best way and sometimes you might be surprised by the rap skills of some members who are not main rappers. But it was needed for the group to distribute its members to make a better teamwork.

So, who belongs to which team? We will tell you the members of each Team from SEVENTEEN, you'll get to see them together and listen to some of their songs.

These is how SEVENTEEN distributed its members in three teams

1. Vocal Team

The members of SEVENTEEN's Vocal Team are:

  • Woozi
  • Jeonghan
  • Joshua
  • DK
  • Seungkwan
The Vocal Team from SEVENTEEN | Twitter: @svtbillboard

These idols tend to work together for the subunits songs on each SVT's album, here's one of the best ones:

2. Hip-Hop Team

The members of SEVENTEEN's Hip-Hop Team are:

  • S.Coups
  • Wonwoo
  • Mingyu
  • Vernon
The Hip-Hop Team from SEVENTEEN | Twitter: @ilyxcrvty

These are SEVENTEEN's best rappers, they make great songs for CARAT this is one of those which the fandom loves:


3. Performance Team

The members of SEVENTEEN's Hip-Hop Team are:

  • Hoshi
  • Jun
  • THE8
  • Dino
The Performance Team from SEVENTEEN | Twitter: @rice1mrsk

 Performance Team has great songs since you can dance to them, but they're also full of the idols' talents, like this one:

Now you know which SEVENTEEN members are in each team of the group. You can get to know more about them, we have three of the best songs from this boy band. 

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