Historical K-Dramas available on Viki Historical K-Dramas available on Viki

Historical K-Dramas you can watch on Viki, experience their intense stories

Viki has many Korean dramas available for you, here are some historical ones that you can watch on the platform

The best thing for drama fans is to watch them on a safe platform and in good quality. That is why there is Viki that has the best historical K-Dramas for you.

Korean dramas do not limit their stories, we find different plots, great characters and unimaginable adventures within each production thanks to the great creativity of the writers and producers. Besides to the amazing performance of the actors who are responsible for starring in each drama.

This is why K-Dramas have become so popular all over the world, there is much that we can experience through our screens enjoying Korean series. And the best thing is to have a platform that allows us to watch dramas safely, with quality and subtitles.

There are more and more platforms that add dramas to their catalogs, but one of the specialized ones is Viki. This site has free and paid options to enjoy our favorite Asian series. It has also added exclusive and original K-Dramas from the platform.

So if you don't know what to watch on Viki, here we recommend some historical K-Dramas that you can enjoy on the platform. Surely one of these will become your favorite.

6 Historical Korean dramas you can watch on Viki

1. Mirror Of The Witch

Year: 2016
Starring Yoon Shi Yoon and Kim Sae Ron

This drama is about a priccess, her mom makes her dissappear since it was bad for her to have a daughter and not a son. But she could gave birth to both of them. Now the daughter has a curse and she becomes a witch, will she use her magic for good?

You can watch 'Mirror Of The Witch' on Viki.

2. Grand Prince

Year: 2018
Starring Yoon Shi Yoon and Joo Sang Wook

This K-Drama tells us the story about a couple of princes who fall in love with the same girl. Then they'll fight for love, power and the throne, but we can't forget that she might bve the one who decides with whom she'll stay.

Grand Prince | Twitter: @downloadaja

You'll love the story of 'Grand Prince', so watch it on Viki. 

3. The King's Face

Year: 2014
Starring Seo In Guk and Kim Kyu Ri

This drama is about the long fight of a prince who had to test his power in order to get the destiny he deserved and the thorne, of course. This happened since he was son of a girl who wasn't married to the king.

'The King's Face' is available on Viki for you to watch it.

4. The Red Sleeve

Year: 2021
Starring Lee Junho and Lee Se Young

This drama is about a young prince who must take the throne before he was expecting since his father dies and he's grandfather is old. He gets to meet a girl and falls in love with her but she only wants to be free and happy, will she accept a relationship with him?

The Red Sleeve | Twitter: @Sshana2

You can watch 'The Red Sleeve' on Viki. 

5. The Moon Embracing The Sun

Year: 2012
Starring Han Ga In and Kim Soo Hyun

On this one we get to know a princess who is preparing to be a queen, but there are somne enemies that want her dead and someone tries to murder her. But she's saved by someone and when he helps her, she might get revenge.

'The Moon Embracing The Sun' is an incredible drama you can watch on Viki.

6. River Where The Moon Rises

Year: 2021
Starring Na In Woo and Kim So Hyun

Thos one is about a girl with a strong willing and great personality who wants to make all of her dreams come true and she knows how to work to get them. But everything changes when she gets to know a man, what will happen next?

River Where The Moon Rises | Twitter: @theseoulstory

You'll love 'River Where The Moon Rises' so watch it on Viki.

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