Watch these historical Korean Dramas Watch these historical Korean Dramas

Historical K-Dramas with powerful stories that you won't stop watching

Historical Korean dramas take us on fantastic adventures in Korea's past, here we recommend some must-watch stories

Through the dramas you can also learn a little about the history of Korea, with stories based on the country's past. What are the best historical dramas? These are some that you shoultn't miss.

Each drama has a different story, each of these Asian series takes us on a different adventure that we can always enjoy. The originality and creativity in these productions is what has caught the attention of a large part of the audience that quickly becomes a fan.

And the best thing is that there are different themes in K-Dramas, depending on each fan's favorite. Maybe you enjoy more action-packed stories, others love romance, or romantic comedy. What about historical dramas? These are based on different eras in Korea and feature an original plot.

In addition, historical Korean dramas also let us see beautiful landscapes, since before there were no cities and everything was greener, with large forests and fields. Also amazing palaces and it is an opportunity to be part of the customs of this country and a little more of its history, although it is through fiction.

So here we recommend some historical K-Dramas with great stories that you just can't stop watching, add them to your watchlist and enjoy these plots.

5 Historial Korean dramas with magnificent stories that you must watch

1. Queen For Seven Days

Year: 2017

Starring Park Min Young and Yeon Woo Jin

This drama is about a slightly tragic love story, when Queen Dangyeong must be on the throne for seven days in order to save her husband's life from his enemies, how will she work in this great position?

Queen For Seven Days | Twitter: @WhatsNewOnNF

'Queen For Seven Days' has a great plot, so you better watch this K-Drama

2. The Crowned Clown

Year: 2019

Starring Yeo Jin Goo and Lee Se Young

In this series we will see that they seek to protect the life of the king due to the strong power struggle at that time, for this, they place a clown on the throne who looks exactly like the monarch and that is how he realizes that being king It's not an easy job.

You'll love the story of 'The Crowned Clow', a magnificent historial K-Drama.

3. Mr. Sunshine

Year: 2017

Starring Lee Byung Hun and Kim Tae Ri

In this K-Drama we will learn the story of a Korean man who went to live in the United States with the Korean expedition to that country. After years, he returns to his homeland but now it is very different and there will be an important political moment that he will have to go through his romance with an aristocrat's daughter.

Mr. Sunshine | Twitter: @kdrama_menfess

'Mr. Sunshine' has an interesting story that you'll love to watch. 

4. Moon Embracing The Sun

Year: 2012
Starring Kim Soo Hyun and Han Ga In

This historical drama has a great story, it is about Heo Yeon Woo, a girl who falls in love with the crown prince and the rightful prince. She only reciprocates the love of one of them, but her trap makes her disappear before becoming queen. She will return years later and truth and love will be revealed.

'Moon Embracing The Sun' has a simply amazing story that you need to watch right now.

5. Empress Ki

Year: 2013
Starring Ha Ji Won and Joo Jin Mo

This series is about a woman who rises to power despite the restrictions of that time, she joined an emperor who was not her true love and now that she has become empress, she will have to fight against her true feelings and for power. .

Empress Ki | Twitter: @Official1023PH

You'll love the story of 'Empress Ki', a great historical K-Drama.

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