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Historical K-Dramas with handsome K-Pop Idols as protagonists

Are you a K-Pop fan? This K-Drama recommendation is for you! We can see the acting skills of these Idols in historical shows.

The Korean entertainment industry is giving to the world tons of quality projects that are  conquering the global public. It is great when we see the music and the tv shows of this country working together.

These K-Dramas have K-Pop Idols in the male lead roles. Of course it is a visual pleasure to watch them on screen but that is not everything. These historical shows have addictive stories that won't let you leave the sofa.

K-Pop Idols in male lead roles of historical K-Dramas

1. The King's Affection - 2021

SF9's Rowon played the  role of Jung Ji Woon. He was an Inspector during the Joseon Dynasty. He gets hired as the royal tutor for the Crown Prince.

He didn't know that the twin sister of the prince took the place of her brother. Eventually, she falls for the good looking professor. It is an adorable story.

'The King's Affection' poster / By @solange_1226

2. 100 Days My Prince - 2018

Now let's see EXO's main vocalist on the screen. D.O. is the Crown prince in this show. He had an accident and now cannot remember anything about his life.

He ends up living as a common man in a humble village. There the prince will fall for the smart girl Nam Ji Hyun (Yeon  Hong Shim). What will happen when his memories come back?

'100 Days My Prince' poster / By @CamiEngene

3. Secret Royal Inspector & Joy - 2021

Taecyeon from 2PM stars the K-Dramas "Secret Royal Inspector & Joy". He portraits the role of a royal inspector called Ra Ian. He dreams of being the owner of a dumplings shop.

He joins forces with a divorced woman to investigate some politicians. This show will make you laugh for hours.

'Secret Royal Inspector & Joy' poster / By @myasianmadness

4. Rookie Historian Goo Hae Ryung - 2019

Let's finish with this love story between a historian and the prince of the Joseon Dynasty. You  will fall for this cute couple.

Cha Eun Woo is an innocent who works as a novelist secretly. His life will change after meeting the noble lady Goo Hae Ryung who has been hired in the palace.

'Rookie Historian Goo Hae Ryung' poster / By @Wuaraguao

Who other Idols do you want to see in a historical Drama?

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