Historical C-Dramas you need to watch Historical C-Dramas you need to watch

Historical Chinese dramas with unique adventures to watch

Historical C-Dramas have great adventures for you, here we recommend some of them

China has great scenarios that stand out even more in its historical dramas, so do not miss these epic adventures that we recommend.

C-Dramas have managed to accumulate a lot of fans around the world thanks to their incredible plots, stories and characters that allow the public to have great adventures without exactly leaving home. Emotions spread very well through the screens thanks to the actors who embody their characters in the best way.

A lot of Chinese dramas have great stories for you, maybe you like romance, suspense, some even fantasy or supernatural plots. No matter what genre you enjoy, there will be a perfect drama for every fan. Weekend marathons never fail for those who enjoy Asian series.

But there are also many historical C-Dramas, those that take us to another time in China and show us typical clothing, amazing settings and very interesting plots. So you shouldn't stop watching these kinds of stories in the series that China produces for the world.

Here we recommend some historical Chinese dramas that you will not be able to stop watching, they have extremely interesting plots and totally great characters.

5 Historical C-Dramas with the most interesting plots you will ever watch

1. Ashes of Love

Year: 2018
Starring  Yang Zi and Deng Lun

This drama is about a girl who at birth already had her destiny written, her mother gave her a pill so that she could never have feelings. But everything changes a long time later when she meets someone she will save and both destined souls will be able to find something they couldn't feel before.

Ashes Of Love | Twitter: @Mattflemz

Watch the great story of 'Ashes of Love'.

2. Legend of Dragon Pearl

Year: 2017
Starring Yang Zi and Qin Junjie

This series talks about the Ming dynasty that retreats to the Dragon Pearl Canyon after being defeated, the last princess of the same will be in charge of revenge but everything changes when she really falls in love with the heir to the enemy empire, what will happen?

'Legend of Dragon Pearl' has an amazing plot that you must watch.

3. I Will Never Let You Go

Year: 2019
Starring Ariel Lin and Vin Zhang

This is the story of a divine woman who is rescued by a hero and that is how he knows her completely, they both fall in love and will unite their paths even more when they learn that this anonymous hero was a prince.

I Will Never Let You Go | Twitter: @rongdayo888

Watch the full story of 'I Will Never Let You Go'

4. Lost Love In Times

Year: 2017
Starring Cecilia Liu  and William Chan

In this C-Drama we will meet a great sorceress who helps the high command with magical protection and others, but everything changes when she meets the fourth prince of the royal family with whom she was destined, their love is so strong and their souls join first look but what will happen after this?

'Lost Love In Times' is a great C-Drama that you  need to watch.

5. Ever Night

Year: 2018
Starring Chen Feiyu and Song Yiren

This series talks about the story of a boy who survives the massacre suffered by his dynasty, soon begins a new life that brings him closer to a princess who has a secret that she did not even know and now he will have to protect her.

Ever Night | Twitter: @WillcomSAORI

Watch 'Ever Night' and its incredible story.

 Keep watching more dramas, here we have some Japanese ones for you, get to know more of these Asian series.

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