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Hilarious 'Run BTS' episodes to watch while waiting for BTS comeback

BTS members are really charismatic on and out of stage. its own variety show will make you laugh for hours, these are the best episodes.

Have you seen how playful BTS members are when they are together? The biggest boy group in the world has its own variety show that explores this side of the Idols.

Since 2015 "Run BTS" is the perfect place to know more about the group and to have a lot of fun at the same time. Right now the show is on hiatus, but the Idols clarified that there will be more episodes for ARMY.

BTS' comeback is almost here so in your free time it will be perfect to recall some of the most hilarious shows. The complete show is available on Vlive for free. Take a seat and let's enjoy the funny memories of "Run BTS".

"Run BTS" episode that will make you laugh for hours

1. Ep. 32 - 2017

It is a Christmas special where the members need to find some hints to gain a gift. However, among all of them there is a thief. What is gonna happen?

'Run BTS' Ep. 32 / By @LovelyJvbbly

2. Ep. 83 and 84 - 2019

BTS has to face various games in the water. The members will have a lot of fun in this episode. There are too many funny moments. You should watch it now.

'Run BTS' Ep. 83 / By @sceneryvseok

3. Ep. 128 - 2021

What thing does BTS need to have a good time? Not that much actually. During this episode we'll see them playing random games in a room and that is all they need to make us laugh.

'Run BTS' Ep. 128 k/ By @smeraldo_midia

4. Ep. 131 and 132 - 2021

Here the members show their abilities to talk. We'll see them having a serious debate about hilarious topics. If they said or do the actions words they will recieve a water bomb. The best option to watch on bad days.

'Run BTS' Ep. 132 / By @Yoongioncypher

What other episodes should be here? Do you have a favorite?

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