Hwang In Yeop and Lee Min Ho Hwang In Yeop and Lee Min Ho

High School K-Dramas with actors that are not teenagers anymore but look pretty young

Here are some iconic K-Dramas about high school students. Don't be fooled by the actors, they are actually older than you think.

High School is one of the most popular K-Drama genres. This type of series usually shows the most adorable teenage love stories. That is not all, we can find many styles in the category, a little bit of suspense, thriller, comedy, and more.

For sure you already watched some of these classic dramas. But have you wondered about the real age of the actors? Since Korean celebrities put a lot of effort into their appearances is pretty easy to be fooled by the good-looking actors.

Today we are recalling some great shows that had a protagonist that was way older than his character. The high school uniform, make-up, hairstyle, and youthful skin might confuse you, but all of them are not a teenager anymore.

Before starting, we need to warn you. You have to be ready for the most lovely plots and of course, a lot of handsome students. Are you ready? Look for popcorn, take a seat and Let's enjoy the show!

High School K-Dramas with actors that look young bey they aren't

1. The Heirs (2013)

We need to talk about Kim Tan, the iconic role played by Lee Min Ho. The actor was 26 years old. Do you think he looks like a true student?

Lee Min Ho for 'The Heirs' / Twitter @lmhcontent

2. True Beuty (2020)

Hwang In Yeop played the role of a bad boy in True Beuty. The actor acted like a student but he was 29 years old.

Hwang In Yeop for 'True Beuty' / Twitter @aigoofansub_

3. Cherry Blossoms After Winter (2022)

The lead role in the show is played by Kang Hee, a 30-year-old actor. Us hard to believe it, he looks like a child.

'Cherry Blossoms After Winter' poster / Twitter @asiandramapl

4. Love Alarm (2019)

For the first season, Jung Ga Ram was the sweet student, Lee Hye Young. He was 28 years old. He looked so young!

Jung Ga Ram for 'Love Alarm' / Twitter @aboutfangirling

5. The Sound Of Magic (2022)

Okay, it's not fair to put the same actor on the list. However, Hwang In Yeop is a special case. For The Sound Of Magic, he looks even younger. 

Hwang In Yeop for 'The Sound Of Magic' / Twitter @_baekiu

Among all these awesome K-Dramas, which one is your favorite?

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