Harry Style for 'Harry's House' Harry Style for 'Harry's House'

Harry Styles songs from the album 'Harry's House' that will brighten up your day

Have you listened to "Harry's House"? These amazing Harry Styles tracks will lighten your mood.

Harry Styles has been conquering the world with his super charismatic personality. The pop star is well known for being easy-going and even fun. His concerts have the best music and hilarious talk shows.

The personality of the singer is inside his music. Styles' cool mindset appears constantly in his lyrics. Sometimes, he could be talking about a painful break-up story but using cheerful music. Even if it seems strange, it's a great combo.

His latest album "Harry's House" has many songs that will make you dance or just feel better. We are in front of a talented melodies creator. This album will be helpful to brighten up your day. Here is the proof.

Today we are collecting for you the greatest songs of the album. Of course, all the tracks are perfect, but these are the best option to lighten the mood. It's time for the good vibes. Here we go!

'Harry's House' tracks that will light your mood

1. Daylight

Okay, we know it is a breakup song. However, the melody is adorable and will give you energy. Let's enjoy the daylight with this track.

2. As It Was

The super successful single might be a sad story. No one can deny how addictive the track is. The music is really energetic, you what we are looking for.

3. Grapejuice

What about a calm song? The verses are soft but cheerful. Such a masterpiece!

4. Late Night Talking

We need to talk about this wonderful song. Late Night Talking has the coolest retro vibes. The catchy chorus will live forever in your mind.

5. Music For a Sushi Restaurant

Harry Styles' music is super personal. This track talks about a specific episode. Is impossible not to dance to this love song. Turn up the volume!

What is your favorite song from the album?

Take this quiz to find out your perfect morning alarm. Harry Styles has a good track for you.

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