Covers by K-Pop idols to Harry Styles songs Covers by K-Pop idols to Harry Styles songs

Harry Styles songs covered by K-Pop idols, they put a different spin on these tracks

Some idols have shown their admiration for Harry Styles with covers of his songs, here are our favorite ones

Some K-Pop idols have shown their talent by covering Harry Styles songs and this is how they give a different touch to the singer's original tracks.

Harry Styles is an excellent singer who has become very popular all over the world thanks to his music. He has his own great style that has been reflected in each of his tracks and this allows the public to better connect with this amazing artist. Every new album is a new adventure with him.

This is why Harry is one of the most admired artists in the entire industry. Not only does he have millions of fans around the world, he has also inspired other artists who enjoy his music and are really motivated by everything he does in music.

For example, there are plenty of K-Pop artists who have actually declared themselves fans of Styles, as his influence has even reached places on other continents. This European artist is an inspiration to thousands of fans and idols in the world of Korean entertainment.

So here we have some idols and groups that have covered Harry Styles songs and as a gift a couple that have also covered One Direction.

6 covers of idols and K-Pop groups to songs by Harry Styles

1. Falling by BTS' Jungkook

Jungkook surprised ARMY with a cover of the song 'Falling' original by Harry Styles but with a cool style given by the BTS maknae.

2. Watermelon Sugar by MAMAMOO's Hwasa

Woah! We all loved 'Watermelon Sugar' was such a good song for summer and Hwasa made a cover of this great track, the MAMAMOO idol shone with her amazing vocals in this cover.

3. Falling by GOT7's Jinyoung

It seems like 'Falling' is one of the favorite songs amongst K-Pop idols, now Jinyoung from GOT7 releseade his own version of this track and he also played piano, it was amazing.

4. Falling by TWICE's Nayeon

Once again 'Falling', this might be the most popular one, but this time it has a unique touch given by Nayeon from TWICE, we all loved this cover.

5. As It Was by KAVE

KAVE is a Korean group of musicians that debuted together in March 2020, they released a cover of the song 'As It Was' original by Harry Styles.

6. What Makes You Beautiful by DREAMCATCHER

Here we have the little gift, we know that What Makes You Beautiful is not a song just by Harry Styles, but by One Direction, his former band. So here we have the cover that DREAMCATCHER did of this track.

Which one of these is your favorite cover? We know that all of them are pretty well done, we really loved them!

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