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Harry Styles fruit-related songs, what is the meaning of these iconic tracks?

Harry Styles loves to use unique metaphors in his music. Here are his famous songs with fruit-related titles.

Named one of the most creative pop stars of the moment. Yes, we were thinking the same: the eccentric Harry Styles. The talented Brit singer has conquered the world with his addictive singles such as "Golden" and "As If Was".

The world was shocked he started his solo career in 2017 with the album "Harry Styles". He was exploring some different genres from his previous music as a member of the boy band One Direction.

Nowadays, everyone already knows that his music just can be defined in one word: authenticity. The good-looking artist shares his honest feeling and stories through his music. That's why he connects easily with the public.

Styles has released many tracks that have something in common, a unique title related to fruits. Apparently, the singer is a fruit lover. Let's see what is the meaning behind these awesome songs.

Harry Styles songs that are related to fruits

1. Kiwi (2017)

The most famous theory of this song is that Styles is talking about someone from New Zealand. Kiwi is a nickname for the people of this country.

2. Grapejuice (2022)

This adorable song is sharing an episode where two lovers are drinking some wine. Such a masterpiece!

3. Cherry (2019)

Now, let's talk about this honest breakup story. The lyrics are pretty clear:

Don't you call him baby. We are not talking lately. Don't you call him what you used to call me.

4. Watermelon Sugar (2019)

The super successful hit "Watermelon Sugar" is a playful song that talks about pleasure. The music video can explain the meaning better than we do.

Harry Styles is super creative! 

His music videos never fail, check here the most popular one on YouTube.

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