The best about Harry Styles' performance in 2022 Coachella The best about Harry Styles' performance in 2022 Coachella

Harry Styles' 2022 Coachella performance was the most iconic and here's why

Harry Styles surprised the world with his performance at 2022 Coachella and here are the most iconic moments of his night

Harry Styles took over Coachella's stage and showed his best side for the public which already loves him, here we have the most iconic things in his performance.

Harry Styles is an amazing artist which has taken the world with his music. He debuted as a part of One Direction a legendary contemporary band who turned out into a great worldwide phenomenon with a lot of fans and success in its history.

But One Direction has been in hiatus since 2015 and this doesn't mean that its members stopped loving and doing music. That's why Harry continued with his solo career giving more songs to his fans. Now the world is completely at his feet as his talent has attracted millions of fans who may not even have loved him back in his 1D days but now appreciate more than his musical skills as a solo singer.

There are a lot of things we can admire about Styles and his way of singing but we should also highlight his performance, something that makes fans love him even more. This singer makes the stage completely his own once he sets foot on it and the world shakes at the brilliant show he puts on.

And we there's a big proof on 2022 Coachella, Harry Styles gave a great performance which made history for this music festival and here we have the most iconic things about it.

Top 3 iconic things of Harry Styles' performance at 2022 Coachella

1. The Disco Ball Outfit

Harry Styles started his show with an element of surprise, he was wearing a big coat that covered his real look for the show and bang! the coat disappears and the disco ball outfit shimmers before the eyes of the spectators. It was just fantastic and we loved this suit.

Harry Styles outfit for Coachella | Twitter: @Vol6Tpwk

2. Boyfriends

Harry released a new song during his Coachella performance it was 'Boyfriends' he added a lot more of excitement to this performance with a phrase we can't forget.

To boyfriends everywhere, F*ck you


3. Harry Styles and Shania Twain

Shania Twain joined Harry Styles on 2022 Coachella's stage and performed a couple soungs with him, but we can't forget about the soft 'You're Still the One'.

We loved about Harry Styles at 2022 Cochella, but these 3 things were simply iconic.

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