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Hairstyles that Billie Eilish popularized, the singer has created these trends

Billie Eilish is a big influencer of Gen Z. She is always creating fashion trends Here are some of her most iconic hairstyles.

Nowadays, social media is the best way to spread fashion trends all over the world. Thanks to Intenter culture we can see the styles our favorite celebrities are wearing. Let's be honest, we all have tried at least once something that we watched on the Internet.

The hottest pop stars are powerful influencers as well, so what they show can be the next global trend. Among the most relevant female singers, Billie Eilish stands out because of her unique fashion sense.

Oversized clothes, comfy outfits, and the greatest attitude. This is the best way to describe Eilish style. The 20 year old songwriter is encourage her public to be themselves even if they don't fit into the most popular standards.

That's why her outfits and hairstyles are pretty unique. Eventually, her fans and the general public are trying some of these hairstyles. Maybe you also can be inspired by her iconic looks. Let's recall the best ones.

Iconic Billie Eilish hairstyles

1. Silver hair

No one can deny how gorgeous she looked with silver hair. This color makes shine her eyes even more. Her beauty is out of this world.

Billie Elish with silver hair / Twitter @eilishfinneas

2. Bad Guy era

Every single on this planet was dancing to 'Bad Guy' in 2019. The blue hair was one of the best parts of this music video.

'Bad Guy' music video / Twitter @Billieilishpe

3. Blonde Billie

She made the fans crazy with her softest look. Billie looks awesome with blonde hair!

Billie Eilish for 'Happier Than Ever' / Twitter @Billieilishpe

4. Short black hair

This one looks simple but is pretty effective. A classic short haircut in black never fails.

Billie Eilish with black hair / Twitter @billweilish

5. Neon Yellow

We cannot leave without talking about this unforgettable look. For a long time, we saw Eilish with neon yellow hair. The riskiest but creative style!

Billie Eilish's hairstyle / Twitter @idontwannabill

Here are some fun facts about Billie Eilish every fan should know.

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