Taeyeon of Girls' Generationt Taeyeon of Girls' Generationt

Girls' Generation's Taeyeon flawless vocal performances that will blow your mind

Taeyeon is one of the greatest voices in K-Pop. The member of Girls' Generation will let your jaw drop with her talent.

Even those who don't like K-Pop cannot deny how talented these artists are. Mostly, Korean Idols practice for many years before their debut. That's why they become wonderful dancers and singers. One of the most famous vocalists in the industry is Taeyeon.

The leader of Girls' Generation has many years in the game. Even during her rookie days, she rocked the biggest scenario with her powerful voice. Nowadays, we need to talk about her unbelievable talent if someone asked about the greatest Korean singers.

She debuted in 2015 as a solo artist with the single "I". As was expected, it was a whole success. Since then, the 33-year-old Idol has been dropping tons of iconic hits. Taeyeon just knows how to release quality tracks.

Since Girls' Generation will be celebrating its 15th anniversary pretty soon, it's the perfect time to recall the best vocal performances of the leader. Be ready for many high notes and shocking difficult songs. Here we go!

Vocal performances by Taeyeon that will blow your mind

1. When We Were Young (Cover)

This Adele's original song is pretty emotive. Taeyeon gave us a wonderful cover that can make you cry.

2. Holler - Girl's Generation-TTS

This sub-unit was awesome. As usual, Taeyeon shocked the crowd with her powerful vocals. Such an iconic track.

3. 'All Of Me' with Paul Kim

This duet sounds like a warm hug. Her voice and Paul Kim's one work perfectly for this song.

4. I

Her debut single is quite difficult to sing. At the end of the last chorus, Taeyeon sings an unbelievable high note.

5. Fine

Taeyeon's voice is sound beautiful by itself. This acapella version of Fine is viral. She is so talented!

Let us know, what other performance should be on the list?

Girls' Generation has awesome iconic tracks. Here are the best songs to celebrate the anniversary.

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