BamBam's facts for you BamBam's facts for you

GOT7's BamBam fun facts, get to know this idol better

BamBam is one of the members of GOT7 and here are some facts you should know about him

GOT7 is a K-Pop group full of extremely talented members, one of them is BamBam and here we give you a lot of his information so you can get to know him better.

BamBam is one of the members of GOT7 who was born in Bangkok, Thailand on May 2, 1997. In his K-Pop group he served as a singer, rapper and dancer. He, although he also already has a great career as a solo artist and has performed in the world of entertainment for many years.

There is much we can appreciate and admire about BamBam, who has always been very dedicated to his fans. He also has a super fun personality that has charmed AHGASE since GOT7's debut in 2014. Audiences have been amazed at this idol's charms.

And speaking of charms, we can't forget BamBam's visuals either, this artist is very handsome and many fans have chosen him as their bias. Everything that together makes this artist what millions of fans love about him. Is he also your favorite GOT7 member?

Well, if you want to know more about BamBam, here are some fun facts about this GOT7 idol. This information will reveal all his secrets to you.

6 fun facts about GOT7's BamBam that every AHGASE should know

1. BamBam's real name

BamBam is just the stage name of this singer, his real name is Kunpimook Bhuwakul. As mentioned above, this idol was born in Thailand and this is why his name originates from his country.

This is BamBam's real name | Twitter: @Wangscookie

2. How did BamBam join JYP Entertainment?

BamBam's mom was Rain's biggest fan, so once in Thailand they had a dance competition to win a dinner with said singer, so the lady decided that her son would enter the competition. Thus she fulfilled her dream and BamBam joined JYP Entertainment as a result of this. OMG.

BamBam during pre-debut | Twitter: @leseraphs

3. When did BamBam debut as a solo artist?

After GOT7 left JYP Entertainment in 2021 at the end of their contract with the company, BamBam joined a new record label, Abyss Company. In June 2021 he released 'riBBon' and that was his solo debut.

BamBam debuted as solo artist with riBBon | Twitter: @v_IGOT7_11

4. How many languages can BamBam speak?

BamBam speaks very well in 3 languages, Thai as it is his native language, Korean which he had to learn when he started his time as a trainee and English, to communicate with his international fans.

5. BamBam's friends

BamBam has many friends in K-Pop, basically the entire 97 line, idols who were born in 1997, they have a great friendship. Among them are Lisa from BLACKPINK, Jungkook from BTS, Mingyu, DK and THE8 from SEVENTEEN, Bang Chan from STRAY KIDS, among others.

97 Line friends | Twitter: @taebokkiii

6. BamBam loves cats

BamBam loves kittens, he even has some cats as pets, Pudding, Latte, Cupcake and King are the names of his pets, it's the cutest thing in the world!

BamBam and one of his cats | Twitter: @GOTSVNPETSDAILY

Now you know more about the amazing BamBam, a very talented and charismatic idol who we love. Keep reading more about GOT7, here we tell you how JAY B joined the CEO line of the group. 

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