GOT7 songs for your playlist GOT7 songs for your playlist

GOT7 songs that should always be on your playlist

GOT7 is a great K-Pop group with many songs that should not be missing from your list, here we recommend some of them

The talent of 7 idols came together in GOT7 and thus formed the best songs for AHGASE, do you already have them on your playlist?

GOT7 is a K-Pop group that debuted in 2014 under JYP Entertainment, but 7 years after their debut, they decided to leave the agency and continue as a band independently. Although at this time their idols have dedicated themselves to their work as soloists, they will surely have a full comeback soon.

Through their career, GOT7 made the best songs for their fans. The lyrics, beats and performances were perfectly combined to make amazing tracks that ended up completely conquering the public. That's how this boy band got a big fandom.

AHGASE is a huge fanbase that spreads around the world and never stopped supporting GOT7 and showing all their love and admiration for all the idols in the group. Even in solo projects or outside of music, since some of them have dedicated themselves to being actors as well.

But we're here to appreciate GOT7's music, so here are some songs from the idol group that shouldn't be missing from your playlist. They have different moods for various occasions, but the same stamp and essence of this great idol group.

7 GOT7 songs you should add to all your playlists

1. Hard Carry

'Hard Carry' is a song that GOT7 released in 2016, you can find it on the album 'Flight Log: Turbulence', and it's full of explosive energy that is sure to rub off on you every time you listen to it.

2. Fly

Maybe this is a song with a very different mood, 'Fly' is a beautiful track that can help you confess your true love for someone. This composition was released in 2016 by GOT7.

3. Just Right

On the 'Just Right' album that GOT7 released in 2015, we found this title track that you'll simply love. This one has a great energy that won't stop spinning in your head.

4. If You Do

In 2015, GOT7 released 'If You Do', a song that takes us back to the beginnings of this idol group and that you should have on your playlist to enjoy the talent of these artists.

5. Not By The Moon

'Not By The Moon' is a song by GOT7 that you can listen to on their 2020 album 'Dye'. It has a wonderful vibe that you will like, demonstrating the variety of tracks that this K-Pop group has.

6. Never Ever

The album 'FLIGHT LOG: ARRIVAL' that GOT7 released in 2017 contains the song 'Never Ever', with the great power of the idols of this group. It may be one of the most popular, but it should not be missing from your playlist.

7. Lullaby

For 2018, GOT7 released their album 'Present: You', in this you will find 'Lullaby', a super special song that has become one of AHGASE's favorites, add it to your playlist!

Now you have more GOT7 songs to listen to daily, discover all the talents of this incredible K-Pop group.

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