GOT7 is finally back with NANANA, what's the best thing about this new MV?

Finally, GOT7 had their long-awaited comeback and the title track of their EP is 'NANANA', here we have all the best of this new music video

GOT7's 'GOT7' is here and the title song for this K-Pop group's new EP is 'NANANA' which has a very colorful MV and we love it, what's the best thing about it?

After the long wait, GOT7 finally had a comeback, the idol group also shared time with their fans at their fancon held a couple of days before the release of the idol group's new music. So his fandom is more than happy with all the boy band surprises.

'GOT7' is GOT7's new EP with which the idol group finally returned to the stage as a band, since for a time, all its members were more focused on their music and individual projects. But they never forgot that they were together and really planned to keep releasing music.

And now it's much better since GOT7 members themselves are the owners of their group, they won't be under anyone's condition to make their own songs and shine together even more than they did in the past. Freedom is palpable in this new EP from the idol group.

The title track of the new EP is 'NANANA', a great song that also has a music video, what did we love the most about this GOT7 MV? Here we have the best of the song and its video.

Everything we love about GOT7's NANANA MV

1. The concept

The concept of NANANA seems to be simply the colors, it is a music video with a wide variety of settings and colors, bright, soft, pastel, there is everything. But they don't look like a disaster, there is harmony in these, it's just something quite beautiful to see.

2. The beats

'NANANA' is definitely a smooth and relaxing song, its beats have a great rhythm, but very calm, without losing emotion, of course. It's also a fun dance song, it's really good. We love that it's so catchy.

3. The lyrics

This song is very sweet, the lyrics let us see it as a story in which the protagonist is meeting someone for the first time and wants to know everything about that person. But maybe sometimes there can be nervousness or unease when meeting someone new, right? So it is best to relax and have an open talk.

Let’s start talking about each other
Maybe even the dreadful things
Leave all the roads open, erase the lines
Even if it’s mean, what’s the matter? It’s okay like this

4. The performance

Well, NANANA's performance wasn't a surprise since it had already been done at the GOT7 fancon a couple of days ago, so it was a first for those who were able to attend.

We love everything about GOT7's comeback, isn't it great? 'NANANA' is really an excellent song but all the songs on the EP are too, so don't stop listening to them.

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