Songs by (G)-IDLE for your playlis Songs by (G)-IDLE for your playlis

(G)-IDLE songs you should definitely have on your playlist

(G)-IDLE has the best songs for you, here are some of them that we really love

There is no doubt that (G)-IDLE is a great K-Pop girl group and you will love their songs, here are some that we recommend for your playlist.

(G)-IDLE is a K-Pop girl group that debuted in 2018 under the Cube Entertainment label. It currently consists of 5 members although there were 6 girls who debuted at the beginning of its history. These women have worked hard on their songs and performances.

We have seen the evolution of (G)-IDLE throughout their history and have also noted the various offerings they have brought to K-Pop. Their power and energy on stage manage to invade the entire audience and stir them up with what they bring in each comeback. This is why this idol group has become so popular.

(G)-IDLE is not only popular in Korea, but also around the world, Neverland is the faithful fandom of this girl group that has been in charge of showing all its love and support for the idols of this band. There are more and more fans within this club and the group continues to grow exponentially.

If you still haven't decided to stan (G)-IDLE this is your signal, here we have some of the girl group's songs that should be on your playlist, you'll really love them.

Top 7 best (G)-IDLE songs you need to listen to start stanning them

1. Oh My God

In 2021, (GIDLE released 'Yummy Pop', in which we find 'Oh My God', a great song that will really fill you with energy and you will want to prepare its dance cover, it is one of our favorites.


(G)-IDLE debuted with the EP 'I Am', in this we will find 'LATATA' which has an excellent rhythm and the combined talents of these amazing idols. Here the origins and versatility of the girl group are shown.

3. Hann

After having a song called 'Latata' (G)-IDLE released an album with the same name in 2019, in this we will find another great song. We love 'Hann', its rhythm, its rhymes and the talents of the girl group singers too.


(G)-IDLE's 'TOMBOY' is literally a cultural reset, if you haven't heard this girl group song yet, you're missing out on a lot. Really the message, the MV and everything about this song is just great.

5. Lion

Since its intro 'Lion' hypnotized us, this song should definitely be on your playlist, you will find it on the album 'Queendom Final Comeback' that was released in 2019 with all the participants of the 'Queendom' show.

6. Dumdi Dumdi

We definitely can't forget about 'Dumdi Dumdi' which became almost a classic upon its release, this one is on the single album of the same name which was released in 2020.

7. Senorita

In the album that (G)-IDLE released in 2019, 'I Made' we find 'Senorita' or 'Señorita' because the idols pronounce the 'ñ' very well in this song.

Keep listening to more K-Pop here we have some songs with Jazz vibes that you'll love, add them to your playlist too! 

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