Get to know more about Yoo Ah In Get to know more about Yoo Ah In

Fun facts about Yoo Ah In to learn a little more about this excellent Korean actor

We have seen Yoo Ah In in various K-Dramas, learn more about him with these fun facts we have for you

Yoo Ah In is a great Korean actor who has given all his talents for a lot of our favorite dramas. Here are some fun facts about him so you can get to know him better.

Yoo Ah In is a Korean actor who was born on October 6, 1986 in Daegu, South Korea. He had his K-Drama debut in the now distant 2003, with a supporting role in the drama 'Honest Living'. Since then, his career has been growing and he now has a lot of series and more coming his way.

In 2007, he also had his debut in Korean cinema, it was with the movie 'Shim's Familia', so on the big screen Ah In also has an extensive career that we can witness, he has participated in many movies as well. This talented actor has a great track record.

Now, Yoo Ah In has international fans thanks to the popularization of Korean dramas. He also for her participation in the Netflix series 'Hellhound', in which he starred and was one of the favorites by the audience on the platform. Though this isn't the only drama he has acted in, clearly.

Do you want to know more about Yoo Ah In? Here are some fun facts about this Korean actor so you can better understand his history, career, and secrets.

Get to know Yoo Ah In better with these 6 fun facts about the Korean actor

1. Yoo Ah In's favorite K-Pop group

Well, once Yoo Ah In showed his love for a K-Pop group, it was MONSTA X since he was taking pictures of this idol group while they were performing at Blue Dragon Awards. Did you know that he shares birthday and hometown with Joohoney? A rapper from the same group, maybe that's why it's his favorite one :0.

Yoo Ah In recording MONSTA X's performance | Twitter: @mo0nbaby__

2. Yoo Ah In's real name

Yoo Ah In is just the stage name of this actor, his real name is Uhm Hong Sik, but his first agency wanted an attractive name for him and that's how Yoo Ah In came out.

Yoo Ah In is a stage name | Twitter: @SIKseekers

3. Yoo Ah In before becoming an actor

Before becoming an actor, Yoo Ah In was actually training to become a trainee, did you know that? Then he started to model and then appeared in some TV commercials, until he began with his acting career.

Yoo Ah In was a model before becoming an actor | Twitter: @hongsikarchive

4. Yoo Ah In as a businessman

Besides being an actor, Yoo Ah In also owns an art gallery called 'Studio Concrete' and from 2015 to 2017 he inested in 'TMI Fries & Bar'. Plus, he's also a freelance writer who enjoys writing in his diary short stories and poems. He's a businessman too!

Yoo Ah In is more than just an actor | Twitter: @hongsikarchive

5. Yoo Ah In's hidden talent

Did you know that Yoo Ah In is great at cooking? This is his hiddent talent, he loves to work in the kitchen and make delicious dishes.

Yoo Ah In is good at cooking | Twitter: @myugnhee

6. Yoo Ah In's ideal type

What's Yoo Ah In's ideal type? He said that he likes someone who is calm, attractive, intelligent, loyal; a woman with a femenine mind, but not acquisitive or contentious and too quiet, he said that Kim Tae Hee might be his ideal woman.

Yoo Ah In's ideal type | Twitter: @hongsikarchive

Keep reading more about your favorite K-Actors and K-Dramas, here we have some actors who just like Yoo Ah In use a stage name and their real names revealed. 

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