Wonho's fun facts Wonho's fun facts

Fun facts about Wonho that you should know to be a WENEE

Wonho is an excellent K-Pop soloist if you want to know more about him, continue reading these fun facts

Wonho is just great, an extremely talented artist and dedicated to music, do you want to know more about him? Here are some fun facts for you to get to know him better.

Lee Hoseok is a K-Pop soloist better known as Wonho, this is his stage name. He has used it since 2015, the year in which he debuted as an idol member of the boy band MONSTA X. For more than 4 years he was among the ranks of this idol group after being cast on the show 'No.Mercy'.

But life had other plans for Wonho who had to leave MONSTA X. Soon, in 2020, this artist would debut as a solo artist and make his own career separate from the group he used to belong to. Since then, this idol has worked hard on his songs and performances.

Wonho has a lot of fans who love and admire his work. Also his personality, as he is one of the kindest, cutest and friendliest idols in the industry. And let's not forget about the visuals of this artist, Hoseok is really someone very handsome who has been extremely attractive to a lot of fans.

Do you want to know more about Wonho? Here we have some fun facts about this soloist so you can find out more of his secrets. Get to know them better with these little facts.

7 Fun facts about Wonho to get to know this amazing idol better

1. Wonho's meaning

Wonho is just a stage name for this idol, this one means 'to protect' or 'bravery' and it's said that it was Starship Entertainment's staff who gave this name to him before debuting.

Wonho's stage name meaning | Twitter: @sharkster_ykh

2. Wonho's real name

Is Wonho real name Lee Hoseok? Some people knows him as Shin Hoseok, it seems like his real last name is actually Lee but he changed to Shin some time ago, since he was an ulzzang.

Wonho's real name | Twitter: @cypressustxt

3. Wonho's solo debut

Wonho had his solo debut on September 7, 2020 when he released the song 'Open Mind' and its MV, this one is featured in 'Love Synonym Pt. 1' with more songs.

4. Wonho's talent

Besides being an amazing singer, Wonho is also a great songwriter, he wrote a lot of songs for MONSTA X, and has credits in all of the songs he has released solo artist. He used to compose and arrange songs too! He has a producer side.

5. Wonho's tattoos

Wonho has 3 tattoos, did you know that? One on his left thigh, another one on top of his right foot and the last one is on his right gluteus.

Wonho has 3 tattoos | Twitter: @bubblejoobs

6. Wonho's pets

Wonho has 2 cats, one of them is called Bom which means spring; and the other one's name is Yoreum wich means summer. These are his pets.

Wonho's cats | Twitter: @MonstaXTurkey

7. Wonho's fandom name

WENEE is the name of Wonho's fandom, it's because 'WE NEED each other', it means that fans need Wonho and Wonho needs his fans, aww.

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