The Weeknd's fun facts The Weeknd's fun facts

Fun facts about The Weeknd that only his true fans know

The Weeknd is an excellent singer, learn more about him with these fun facts

In the music industry we have great artists, like The Weeknd, learn some of their secrets with these fun facts that we have for you.

The Weeknd is an excellent Canadian artist who has completely taken the music industry by storm, it has been a while since his debut and he has quickly attracted millions of fans all over the world. He today he is one of the most prominent singers in the industry.

This singer has received a lot of awards, nominations, recognitions. His songs are among the most listened to on the radio and digital platforms, his sales are amazing, we can really say that everyone likes at least one song by The Weeknd.

And it is that over time he has developed his own style, his creativity is evident in each track he releases, his path continues to grow and we know that although sometimes it may be difficult for him, his means of expression which is music has managed to connect perfectly with the public. We have a lot of things to admire about The Weeknd.

So to love him even more, here are some fun facts about The Weeknd for you, he is a great artist who has some secrets that you can find here.

7 fun facts about The Weeknd you may not have known before

1. The Weeknd's real name

Of course that The Weeknd is just a stage name which he made up thinking about when he dropped highschool since he just 'left for one weekedn and never came back', but this artist's real name is Abel Makkonen Tesfaye.

The Weeknd is just an stage name | Twitter: @NewsWeeknd

2. The Weeknd's mixtapes

Before the official debut of The Weeknd, he released some mixtapes, for his debut album he compiled the best tracks on those mixtapes and some new songs, that's how 'Trilogy' was born.

3. Why is The Weeknd missing an 'e'?

As we can see, the original stage name of The Weeknd lacks of an 'e', do you know why? It's because he wanted to avoid copyright issues since there's a Canadian band called The Weekend, lol.

Weeknd is more original, anayways | Twitter: @gmcantave1

4. The Weeknd's inspiration

Once, The Weeknd confessed that Michael Jackson inspired him to become a songwriter, it was when he listened to 'Dirty Diana' by the King Of Pop that he got emotional and wanted to express in the same way, through music. He even covered this amazing song in one of his mixtapes.

5. The Weeknd in Billboard HOT 100

Now, The Weeknd has had a lot of #1s in Billboard HOT 100 since every song by this singer becomes a total hit, but the first time he got to the #1 was with 'Can't Feel My Face' and 'The Hills' was in #2, it made him be the first artist to hold the top two on this chart with two tracks since 2009 .

6. The Weeknd at Super Bowl

The Weeknd became the first Canadian artist to perform solo at the Super Bowl halftime show, it was in 2021 when he did it and it was sooo amazing and cool we can't forget about this iconic performance.

7. The Weeknd's style in music

A lot of people wonders what's The Weeknd's musical genre, he's mostly related to R&B since his lyrics are pretty dark, but he plays with a lot of styles and he has done alternative R&B, pop, and dream pop too! There are no limits for this amazing artist.

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