Yeonjun's fun facts Yeonjun's fun facts

Fun facts about TXT's Yeonjun, get to know this amazing K-Pop artist better

Yeonjun is one of the members of TXT, if you want to know more about him, we have some fun facts for you

TXT has extremely cool members and among them is Yeonjun who you can get to know better with these fun facts that we have prepared for all fans of this idol.

TXT is an amazing K-Pop group with 5 extremely talented members who are passionate about music. Despite being a young idol group, it has stood out in the industry and with its records it has even reached many other bands that have been working for much longer, without a doubt its relevance is impressive.

Among the idols of Tomorrow X Together we find Choi Yeonjun, who is in fact the oldest member in this boy band. This artist was born on September 13, 1999, he was a BigHit Entertainment trainee and in 2019 he was introduced as the first member of TXT.

Since his debut with his idol group, Yeonjun has worked as a singer, dancer, and rapper in TXT. He has been noted for being excellent in all areas and has also worked as a model and MC. He has a lot of talents and abilities that MOA enjoys a lot.

Do you want to know more about Yeonjun? Here we have some fun facts about this TXT idol so you can get to know him perfectly.

8 fun facts about TXT's Yeonjun to know all the secrets of this idol

1. Yeonjun before BigHit Entertainment

Before joining BigHit Entertainment, Yeonjun used to be a trainee of CUBE Entertainment, but he left that company and then joined BigHit, he was really happy when he debuted as a part of TXT.

Yeonjun used to train in CUBE Entertainment | Twitter: @GallTaekook

2. Yeonjun lived abroad

Yeonjun lived in California, US for 2 years since he was 9 years old, that's why he's so good at speaking English and he loved to visit California again with TXT's world tour.

Yeonjun used to live in the US | Twitter: @Hank1Stefani

3. Yeonjun's hobbies

Yeonjun has said that he has some hobbies like dancing, skating and eating. He really loves to dance and sometimes he will even make some TikTok challenges too! He has also been Artist Of The Month for Studio Choom.

4. Yeonjun's friends

Yeonjun has a lot of idol friends, like Changbin from STRAY KIDS, ATEEZ's Wooyoung and Yeosang, Pentagon‘s Shinwon, Victon‘s Subin and Byungchan and he recently told MOA that SEVENTEEN's Dino is also a good friend, they are all 99' Liners.

5. Yeonjun as a trainee

Yeonjun used to be a perfect trainee, he trained for a total of 5 years and he ranked first in dance, rap, and vocals at that time, he had to debut, there was no doubt. He used to be known as 'Legendary trainee'.

Trainee Yeonjun | Twitter: @anythingTXT

6. Yeonjun's favorite things

Yeonjun has a lot of favorite things, like his favorite colors are pruple and blue, he loves puppies specially Welsh Corgi dogs, he also likes pandas, he likes to eat apples and bananas, he also like mint choco. He said his favorite BTS' songs are ‘Spring Day’, ‘Run’, and ‘Butterfly’ and his fav member is Jimin.

Yeonjun's favorites | Twitter: @winjunniefeed

7. Yeonjun's bias in TXT

Yeonjun has said that if he was a girl, he would date Beomgyu because he’s handsome and he makes him happy. So it means that Gyu might be his bias in TXT, OMG.

Yeonjun and Beomgyu | Twitter: @kisserbeomjun

8. Yeonjun's music recommendation

Yeonjun has a great Spotify playlist with a lot of recommendations for MOA, he added amazings songs like 'Leave The Door Open' by Silk Sonic and Bruno Mars, 'Worth It' by Amber Mark, 'Off My Face' by Justin Bieber and, of course, 'Magic' by TXT.

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