Beomgyu of TXT Beomgyu of TXT

Fun facts about TXT's Beomgyu to know the Idol better

Are you already in love with TXT music? You need to know these fun facts about Beomgyu, he is adorable!

TXT's popularity is not a joke, every single day the singers of "Good Boy Gone Bad" increase their fandom. It makes sense, their music is great, their performances are flawless an all the members are handsome and adorable.

The global public welcomed Tomorrow x Together in 2019. Since then these talented gentlemen have been conquering millions of hearts all over the world. MOA is already a giant fandom full of love for the members.

Are you new in the fanbase? Don't worry, we got you. Today we are talking about Beomgyu, The playful Idol is a super charismatic young man. He is very skillful and out the stage his personality is lovely. You will be joining his fandom pretty easily.

Are you ready to fall in love with Beomgyu? The 21 year-old Idol will melt down your heart with his beautiful smile and endless talents. Here we go!

Fun facts about TXT's Beomgyu to fall in love with him

1. He is the prankster of the group

Beomgyu is always playing around. He loves to joke with the member. Just listing to his version of Yeonjun's rap.

2. He loves to play guitar

Is pretty common to see him playing the guitar. By the way, he pretty good!

Beomgyu playing guitar / Twitter @cherryzzn_

3. His spirit animal is a bear

He loves bears and MOA also thinks he looks like one. What do you think?

Beomgyu wearing a bear costume / Twitter @cherryzzn_

4. He is good at English

He is not bad at speaking English, but he loves to speak in a funny way. Is part of his personality.

5. His Wonder cover

Recently Beomgyu dropped a cover of the original track by ADOY. "Wonder" sounds amazing with his warm voice!

His teammate Huening Kai is promoting the new song of his sister. Read more about it here.

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