Sana of Twice Sana of Twice

TWICE's Sana's fun facts to know the Japanese Idol a little bit more

Sana is part of the Japanese line of TWICE. Here are some fun facts that you need to know about her.

K-Pop is all over the world! There is not a single person on this planet who can hide from the catchy tracks that this industry offers. One of these hottest girl groups of the moment is TWICE. The songs of this wonderful group are addictive.

This global sensation has conquered the world with its flawless choreographies. Today we are talking about one of the main dancers, the beautiful Sana. Are you ready to fall in love with her adorable charisma?

When she was pretty young, she left Japan to pursue her dream of becoming a singer. She got cast by JYP Entertainment in 2012. After three years of training, she finally made her debut with the group.

Nowadays, she is a global star. She is a super skillful dancer. Also, we need to talk about her adorable personality, is impossible not to love her. Are you a baby ONCE? We have for you some fun facts about her. You will be part of the fandom after reading this article.

Fun Facts about Sana that will make you a ONCE

1. Her iconic aegyo

Just as we said, Sana is very cute. The Korean public fell in love with her lovely reaction on the show Knowing Bros. Judge by yourself.

2. She is a songwritter

She has some lyrics and credits from TWICE songs. One of the best ones is "Conversation". It is so good!

3. Her fancams

Her stage presence is awesome! That's why her fancams are viral. Here's her legendary video while performing Likey.

4. She loves animals

Just like the rest of the group, she loves the animals. Such a sweet heart!

Sana with Tzuyu and Momo / Twitter @yu1020tt

5. Her Sotsugyou cover

Sna's voice is very unique. in 2021 she dropped this cover. She is shining like never before!

That's it! Welcome to the ONCE world!

TWICE is living a new era. We are telling you everything. 

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