Super Junior's Heechul for 'Mango' Super Junior's Heechul for 'Mango'

Fun facts about Super Junior's Heechul, get to know the legendary Idol better

For sure you've heard about know Kim Heechul. It's time to know more about the member of Super Junior!

Today we are talking about one of the long lasted boy groups ever: Super Junior. The legendary artists were some of the most important Hallyu leaders just a couple of years ago. Their career is super strong.

The singers of "MAMACITA" innovated in the industry. We are talking about the first K-Pop group having subunits. Also, the member explored many paths, they are super famous actors and hosts. We all have watched them as MCs of our favorite variety shows.

One of the most popular Idol-MCs is Heechul. The talented artist is very charismatic and fun, so he never fails while hosting a show. He has participated in succesful shows such as "Knowing Brothers" and "Weekly Idol".

Also, he is a great vocalist and musician. Is impossible not to love him! To celebrate Super Junior' new album "The Road : Keep on Going", let's check some fun facts about the legendary visual Idol.

Fun facts about Kim Heechul you have to know

1. His leg injury

In 2010 Heechul fractured his left leg during a serious car accident. Since then he cannot dance for too much time, that's why he mostly doesn't participate in Super Junior's choreopgafies.

Heechul for 'Mango' / Twitter @SJofficial

2. He is a gender-standard breaker

Since His rookie days, Heechul was famous for his natural beauty. We saw him many times dressed as a gorgeous lady. He didn't care what antis say about him.

Heechul dressed as Elsa / Twitter @yeyeteukies

3. He wanted to be a rock star

Initially, the Idol joined SME to be part of a rock band. He is actually a skillful drummer and songwriter.

4. He is a K-Pop lover

We are sure that you have watched at least once Heechul dancing to girl group songs. He learns the choreographies o the most popular K-Pop tracks.

5. His misophobia

Heechul is a super clean person. His daily routine consists in clean everything in his house more than once. This episode of "My Little Old Boy" is hilarious.

Would you like to know more about his teammate Siwon? Check these fun facts about the handsome Idol.

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