Song Joong Ki's fun facts Song Joong Ki's fun facts

Fun facts about Song Joong Ki that you should know if you are a fan of this amazing actor

Song Joong Ki is an excellent Korean actor who has conquered us with his talent, learn more about him with these fun facts

We've seen Song Joong Ki's talent in a lot of our favorite K-Dramas and K-Movies, do you want to know more about him? Here we have some fun facts for you.

Song Joong Ki is an excellent Korean actor who has captivated a lot of fans with his talents in front of the cameras. He was born on September 19, 1985 in Daejeon, South Korea. His debut came in 2007 with the K-Drama 'Get Karl! Oh Soo-jung', this was the first series in which we could see him act.

Since then, Joong Ki continued to work on his talents, the following year after debuting on television, he had his film debut. This actor's first movie was 'A Frozen Flower' in 2008, his acting career has been expanding and now we have seen him in a lot of series and movies. He has won the hearts of a lot of fans.

Nowadays, Song Joong Ki is popular all over the world, his talent as an actor has earned him international recognition partly also because of the Korean Wave that has taken over the entire planet. He and his talents are simply outstanding and we enjoy his work as an actor, MC, model and more.

Do you want to know more about Song Joong Ki? Here are some fun facts about this Korean actor that will make you get to know him a lot better.

7 fun facts about Song Joong Ki, learn more about this Korean actor

1. Song Joong Ki athlete

Before becoming an actor, Song Joong Ki used to be an athlete, competing in short track speed skating, representing his city in various competitions, and even showing great promise as a winner. But an injury made him retire from the sport and look for a new dream.

Song Joong Ki used to be an ice skater | Twitter: @SJKinnocentgirL

2. What did Song Joong Ki study?

Did you know that Song Joong Ki did not study to be an actor? In fact he graduated from business administration and minored in broadcasting, so it was definitely not his dream to be an actor from the beginning.

Song Joong Ki didn't study to become an actor | Twitter: @__jwrites

3. How did Song Joong Ki become an actor?

The visuals were what attracted Song Joong Ki's attention, his first appearance was on a TV show as a contestant on KBS's Quiz Korea, he substituted for someone who was sick and ended up winning second place. He garnered significant attention and became a cover model for College magazine. And after being a model he became an actor.

Song Joong Ki was a model and then an actor | Twitter: @JeonKi_Cencha07

4. Beautiful Skin Project

Did you know that Song Joong Ki released a Skincare book for men? This is called 'Beautiful Skin Project', and it has a lot of tips, products and routines for guys to take care of their skin.

Song Joong Ki's book | Twitter: @sjkwings1985

5. Has Song Joong Ki already done his military service?

Song Joong Ki has already completed his military service, this actor paused his career from 2013 to 2015 to fulfill this obligation that every South Korean citizen must fulfill. Before he left he had a fanmeeting where he was able to say goodbye to his fans who waited for him during that time.

Song Joong Ki has already served the army | Twitter: @sjkwings1985

6. Song Joong Ki's hobbies

What does Song Joong Ki like to do? The actor once said that he enjoyed watching American and Japanese series, OMG, so that's what he normally does in his spare time.

Song Joong Ki enjoys watching series | Twitter: @thzismrscassano

7. Song Joong Ki's ideal type

Song Joong Ki is not very picky, he just wants a cheerful and youthful girl. Once upon a time, he was actually married to actress Song Hye Kyo but...sadly, they got divorced :(.

Song Joong Ki has an ideal type | Twitter: @SaranghaeyOppaa

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