Harry Styles' Sign Of The Times Harry Styles' Sign Of The Times

Fun facts about Sign Of The Times by Harry Styles, know the secrets of his solo debut

The first song that Harry Styles released solo is 'Sign Of The Times', learn more about this track with some fun facts about it

Harry Styles has had a great solo career and his first song was 'Sign Of The Times', learn all the secrets behind this track with the fun facts we have for you.

Harry Styles is an incredible singer who has shown us all his talent in every song, album, concert or performance he has. Before being a solo artist, he was part of the famous boy group One Direction, with the other bandmates he launched to stardom and they were very successful during their time together.

Sadly, 1D is on hiatus and it is not known exactly when they will reunite or if they ever will. But this does not mean that Harry abandoned music, on the contrary, he made an amazing solo career and little by little he has been growing as an artist individually.

We know that there are songs by Styles that have become very popular like 'Golden', 'Watermelon Sugar' or 'Adore You'. These tracks have all his personal stamp and have given fans the best soundtrack for daily life. Do you know what is the song with which Harry Styles debuted as a soloist?

The first song Harry Styles released individually was 'Sign Of The Times', do you remember when he released it? Here are some fun facts about this track so you can better understand the debut of this amazing artist.

6 fun facts about Sign Of The Times by Harry Styles, these are the secrets of this song

1. The meaning of Sign Of The Times

Once, Harry Styles revealed the kinda dark meaning which 'Sign Of The Times' has, he said that it's about a difficult childbirth that results in the death of the mother, he tried to write te lyrics as the mother. He also said that it's also about 'stuff that hurts me about what's going on at the moment is not politics, it's fundamentals'.

2. The writing process of Sign Of The Times

Did you know that Harry Styles wrote Sign Of The Times while being in Jamaica? He was in that place when he wrote his first album, and that's how his writing process went.

I wrote most of the album in Jamaica, I was in Jamaica for two months. I just wanted to not be distracted… I really liked being away from everything

3. Sign Of The Times going against the grain

When Harry Styles had his solo debut, he went against the grain since 'Sign Of The Times' is a classic-rock song  that was released while the music was in an era where three minute R&B, rap and dance tunes were ruling the industry. He said he wanted to make music like the one he likes.

Harry Styles' went against the grain | Twitter: @GargesFM95

4. Sign Of The Times MV

The MV for 'Sign Of The Times' was filmed on and over Scotland's Isle of Skye, Harry has some flying scenes where he had to wear an harness attached to a helicopter in order to give that 'levitating' effect.

Harry Styles in SOTT MV | Twitter: @meowlmb

5. How high did Harry went on Sign Of The Times MV?

Styles revealed that he flew more than 1,550 feet high during the shoot of the MV for 'Sign Of The Times', he also joked about it, but he said that if he haven't felt safe, then he wouldn't have done it.

Harry Styles flying | Twitter: @brinaismypeace

6. Sign Of The Times awards

Even if Harry Styles got nominated for 'Sign Of The Times' a lot of times in 2017 and 2018, the song just got three awards. It won in BMI Pop Awards,  Brit Awards and iHeartRadio Music Awards. The song had a total of 10 nominations.

Harry Styles won brit awards in 2018 for Sign Of The Times | Twitter: @harrystylesbth

7. Sign Of The Times namesake

There's a song which might be 'Sign Of The Times' namesake, it's 'Sign O' The Times' by Prince, we don't know if this was just a coincidence but, Harry first announced his song on March 31, 2017 and Prince's song was released on March 30, 1987.

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