Doja Cat's Say So fun facts Doja Cat's Say So fun facts

Fun facts about Say So by Doja Cat that you may not have known

'Say So' is Doja Cat's most popular song, do you want to know more about this track? Here are some fun facts about it

Doja Cat has conquered the world with her music and mainly 'Say So' has become a classic for her fans, do you want to know everything about this song? We have some fun facts for you.

Doja Cat is an amazing singer and rapper who has become very popular in recent years. Her career started 10 years ago because in 2012 it was her when she released 'So High' on SoundCloud. Thus she managed to get the attention of fans who began to support her and she would soon also sign a contract with RCA Records.

For a short time, Doja would remain in the underground because little by little he began to have more and more fans and his songs were played on the radio, they became viral and memes were even generated from one of his tracks. How to forget the era of 'Mooo!', with that epic video that was everywhere.

But we can say that the most popular and famous song of Doja Cat is 'Say So', a track that made everyone dance on TikTok, it is the MV with the most views on YouTube of this singer and has a lot of great records for the rapper's career.

There are many secrets that you may not know about 'Say So' and here are some fun facts about this song that you should definitely know, is this your favorite Doja Cat song?

6 Fun facts about Doja Cat's Say So you should know

1. Say So's meaning

What is the meaning of the lyrics of 'Say So'? Doja Cat once explained that it's one of those times when you see someone with whom you feel a mutual attraction but they don't do anything to get closer, it's a song that invites that person to take the first step.

It's about when you go somewhere and you see someone and they don't approach you, but you're looking at each other and you both feel like there's something there

2. Say So wasn't going to be a single

'Say So' is the song #5 in the album 'Hot Pink' and it wasn't going to be a single but as it got a lot of attention on TikTok, they turned it into a single and sent it to radio stations, that's how the popularity made this track better.

3. Say So's performances

There are a lot of performances for 'Say So', and the best thing is that Doja Cat made them all pretty different, we have a metal version, another one burlesque-like, a futuristic one, and more, all of them were pretty amazing.

4. Say So remix

Doja Cat's first collaboration with Nicki Minaj was on the 'Say So' remix. Doja has always said that Nicki actually inspires her a lot and fans were happy to see that now both rappers had been able to work together, don't you think that's just amazing?

5. Say So's awards

Doja Cat obtained a total of 25 nominations for 'Say So' of which the song managed to take home 9 awards at various ceremonies such as BMI Pop Awards, MVPA Awards or NAACP Image Awards.

Doja Cat got a lot of nominations for Say So | Twitter: @DojaCat

6. Say So's TikTok dance

As you might know, Say So went viral on TikTok but ti wasn't because of Doja Cat creating a trend, it was Haley Sharpe which user was @yodelinghaley who created the dance for this song and that's how it became popular.

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