Fun facts abour Hyunjin from STRAY KIDS Fun facts abour Hyunjin from STRAY KIDS

Fun facts about STRAY KIDS' Hyunjin that you might not know

Learn a little more about Hyunjin with these facts, there is much to know about the STRAY KIDS idol

Hyunjin is one of the members of STRAY KIDS, do you want to know more about him? Here are some fun facts to get to know him better.

Hwang Hyun Jin was born on March 20, 2000, today he is a dancer and singer who has dedicated his time and effort within STRAY KIDS. This artist is an expert in dance and stands out quite a bit in the discipline with each choreography and performance of his K-Pop group.

With his great talent, Hyunjin has conquered the hearts of many fans, after some time as a JYP Entertainment trainee, he joined the STRAY KIDS program that would later form the idol group. This artist has managed to capture the attention of the world, and he not only performs on stage, he has also written some songs for his group.

STAY finds a lot of things to admire in Hyunjin, apart from his talents, this idol has a beautiful personality. He is a sensitive person with many hidden talents that surprise his fans. He loves sharing more with his fandom than anyone would think.

Do you want to know more about Hyunjin? Here we have some fun facts about the idol so you can learn more about him and his history until he reached SKZ, discover some of his secrets.

6 fun facts about Hyunjin, get to know this STRAY KIDS member better

1. How was Hyunjin recruited?

Hyunjin didn't really dream of becoming an idol, it just happened, he was shopping with his mother, one of the JYP employees stopped him, gave him a business card and invited him to audition. Hyunjin was wary, but after learning that the auditions were real, he decided to go try his luck. That was how he was recruited.

Hyunjin when he was a trainee | Twitter: @iconickpredebut

2. What did Hyunjin used to do before becoming a JYP trainee?

Being a JYP Entertainment trainee, Hyunjin confessed that he had never been immersed in the art world before and this was true. Instead, Hyunjin had devoted himself to sports, such as skiing, water skiing, tennis and badminton and others. He also practiced swimming and participated in various competitions.

Hyunjin used to play various sports | Twitter: @codehyune


Although Hyunjin was initially uninterested in art, today he is proficient in various disciplines, aside from music he also has a hidden talent for painting and drawing. The idol has shown STAY his work on several occasions.

Hyunjin's hidden talent is drawing | Twitter: @hwngjiny

4. Who are Hyunjin's friends?

Maybe all the members of STRAY KIDS are good friends but Hyunjin is closest to two of them, Felix and I.N. In the K-Pop industry, Hyun Jin has a few other friends, such as TXT's Beomgyu, The Boyz's Younghoon, Golden Child's Bomin, and AB6IX's Daehwi.

Beomgyu and Hyunjin | Twitter: @shmesm2

5. Why was Hyunjin on hiatus?

During 2021, Hyunjin was on hiatus from STRAY KIDS. This due to accusations of bullying that came from his former schoolmates. It is a sad episode for STAY, as the idol's future seemed uncertain. Hyunjin apologized for his behavior and took time to reflect and improve. Finally, in July of the same year he resumed his activities with his idol group.

Hyunjin's hiatus | Twitter: @seungmin_skyy

6. What STRAY KIDS songs did Hyunjin write?

Hyunjin is credited in writing and composing some STRAY KIDS songs, among them we can highlight '4419', 'You', 'Red Lights' and 'Wow', his participation is notable in much of his idol group's discography .

Now you know a little more about Hyunjin, a great STRAY KIDS artist that we can't help but admire, he's just amazing.

 Keep reading more about STRAY KIDS, we have some songswhich the idol group wrote specially for STAY.

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