Fun facts abour Bang Chan Fun facts abour Bang Chan

Fun facts about STRAY KIDS' Bang Chang, learn more about the group's leader

Bang Chan is the great leader of STRAY KIDS, do you want to know more about him? Here we have some fun facts for you

STRAY KIDS is an extremely talented idol and among them is Bang Chan who is also the leader of the boy group, do you want to know more about him? Here we have some fun facts.

Bang Chan is the leader of STRAY KIDS, he has served as a singer, dancer and rapper of the idol group. But his work has not only been limited to that, since in fact since the creation of the group he had an extremely important role. He has also been the producer of the band and does much more than we imagine.+

Chan was born on October 3, 1997 in Seoul, South Korea. He has been passionate about music for a long time and would soon audition for JYP Entertainment, although he did it in Australia as his family moved there during his childhood. After that he traveled to Korea just to fulfill his dreams.

Since SKZ debut in 2018, he has been able to show us his different facets in music, as previously stated, he participates in writing, composing, and producing songs for the idol group. And also the mixtapes of 3RACHA, the rap subunit in the boy band.

Do you want to know more about Bang Chang? Here are some fun facts about the STRAY KIDS rapper so you can get to know him better.

7 fun facts about Bang Chan from STRAY KIDS that every STAY should know

1. Bang Chan's training period

Did you know that Bang Chan was a trainee for 7 long years before debuting? It  took him long to debut and sometimes that even made him feel bad, but he's now one of the best leaders and of course a great idol.

Bang Chan had a long training period | Twitter: @theseoulstory

2. Bang Chan's friends

Bang Chan has a lot of idol friends, he's friends with BLACKPINK's Lisa, all of the members of TWICE, Sunmi, GOT7's Yugyom, Mark and BamBam, BTOB's Peniel and Eunkwang, MONSTA X's Shownu, SF9's Rowoon, ITZY's Ryujin and Chaeryeong, ATEEZ's Hongjoong, and more :0.

Bang Chan has a lot of friends | Twitter: @_linlix

3. Bang Chan's English name

Bang Chan is this idol's Korean name, when he used to live in Australia, he used a different name, an English name and it was Christopher Bang, that's why sometimes he's called Chris or Christopher, but he rathers to be called with his Korean name now.

Christopher Bang | Twitter: @chans4hedvein

4. Bang Chan's stage name

As we said before, Bang Chan is the SKZ's leader Korean name even if there are some fans who believe this is his stage name. But he has a stage name actually which he uses for 3RACHA, it's CB97, which is just his initials with his year of birth.

Chan's stage name | Twitter: @BangChanChile

5. Bang Chan's weekly show

Did you know that Bang Chan is such a good host? He has a weekly show called 'Chan's Room', he does it on VLive, he tends to share a lot with STAY in this show, he listens to some music, reacts to new MVs and more.

6. Bang Chan's personality

How is the personality of Bang Chan? We can tell he's extremely professional and dedicated, he loves music and his work, he's also funny, smart and kind. He seems cold sometimes, but he's not! He worries a lot about his fans and members, he takes care of them. He's independent, he loves to work alone... But he won't like to have fun just by hims

Chan has a great personality | Twitter: @hjcartz


7. Bang Chan's favorite things

Chan has a lot of favorite things, his favorite season is autumn, he loves to eat chicken, he likes sports specially swimming, he likes to watch movies. He loves music and his favorite perfume is Versace Eros.

Bang Chan's favorite stuff | Twitter: @SKZZCHRIS

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