Woozi from Seventeen Woozi from Seventeen

Fun facts about SEVENTEEN's Woozi that will make you love him even more

Do you want to know more about Woozi? You will fall for the SEVENTEEN's producer after checking these fun facts about him.

SEVENTEEN is one of the most important Korean music acts of the moment. Last year, its albums "Power Of Love" and "Attacca" were some of the best-selling projects in the global music industry.

As you may know, we are in front of a self-produced group. All the members have been participating in the music since their rookie days. However, the Idol in charge of at least 80% of the production and lyrics is Woozi.

The 26 year old singer is super charismatic. Lee Jihoon has an insane stage presence. His vocal skill and powerful dance moves can conquer the biggest crowns. The all-rounded Idol is out of this world!

The leader of the Vocal Team will make you fall in love after reading this article. Would you like to know more about him? We are telling you some interesting and lovely facts to love him even more. Here we go!

Fact about SEVENTEEN's Woozi to love him more

1. His lovely smile

The members of SEVENTEEN say that Woozi has a boss aura. However, He looks very cute when he smiles. Nowadays, he makes CARAT crazy with his "Wooahae" [Woozi + Saranghae].

'Wooahae' pose / Twitter @lovinqncl

2. His spends a lot of time at his studio

The Idol loves to stay indoors. He is always in his studio making new music. By the way, Hoshi is constantly by his side.

Hoshi at Woozi's studio / Twitter @m_aani_

3. He was the Best Producer of the year in 2021

Since his pre-debut days, he has been working as a producer. Last year he won the Best Producer trophy at the Asia Artist Awards.

Woozi's AAA trophy / Twitter @yaowenlinyera

4. He is a rapper, vocalist and dancer

The three leaders of SEVENTEEN are the member who can perfectly take the position of rappers, dancers and vocalists. Woozi can basically do everything.

Woozi for 'Home;Run' / Twitter @Anlu168

5. His solo debut

At the begging of  2022 Woozi dropped his first solo single. Ruby is a pop-rock song that let his voice shine like never before. Turn up the volume!

Are you a baby CARAT?

Check these fun facts about SEVENTEEN's Hoshi. It will be hard for you to choose a bias.

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