Fun facts about SEVENTEEN's Vernon to love the talented rapper even more

Vernon of SEVENTEEN is a super skillful Idol. These fun facts will make you fall for him again.

Why is SEVENTEEN so popular? It's just because of its gorgeous members? Of curses, it is an important factor. This boy group has nothing but Idols with stunning visuals. All of them are super handsome.

Maybe the answer is the showing performances. The singers of "Rock With You" are well known for having unbelievable synchronization on stage. Their choreographies are complicated and super energetic.

We also need to talk about their talents as creators to understand their popularity. The members are always involved in the music. They produce, wrote, and even came up with ideas for their tracks' choreographies.

These Idols have everything to conquer the world. Today we are talking about the skillful rapper Vernon. We are in front of an all-rounder artist. He can sing, dance and rap perfectly. Do you want to know more about him? You're in the correct place.

Fun facts to know Vernon of SEVENTEEN better

1. He is a cat lover

Vernon doesn't own a cat since some members are allergic. However, he is always watching cats' content on social media.

Vernon with cat / Twitter @xclcalibur

2. He is a songwritter

Just after Woozi, Vernos is the second member with the biggest amount of copyrighted songs. He is always working on music. Recently he dropped "BANDS BOY", composed and written by him.

3. He is family oriented

Verno's mom is American and his dad is Korean. He is constantly talking about his beloved family.

Vernon and Sophia Chwe / Twitter @_junhuixx

4. His collab with Charli XCX

Vernon worked on the remix of Beg For You, the original track by Charli XCX. It sounds great, turn up the volume!

5. His true debut date

Vernon has been working in the industry for many years. When he was a child he work as a model, actor, and host. He was so cute!

Child Vernon picture / Twitter @vernon_city

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