S.Coups from SEVENTEEN S.Coups from SEVENTEEN

Fun facts about SEVENTEEN's S.Coups to love the talented leader even more

The leader of SEVENTEEN is a super charismatic Idol. Here are some fun facts about S.Coups that you need to know.

SEVENTEEN of one of the most important Korean music acts of the moment. It is the second best-selling K-Pop artist. Its album "Face The Sun" sold over 2 million copies in just the first week. The 13 members are unstoppable.

The group debuted in 2015 when PLEDIS Entertainment had some financial issues. The SEVENTEEN's massive popularity allowed the agency to be part of the most relevant groups of the game: HYBE Labels.

How did these gorgeous Idols become a monster of the industry? Well, there are too many reasons. Their endless talents and ard work are the most important factors. At the same time, we need to talk about the strong friendship among the members and the leadership of S.Coups.

Being the leader of a large group is not easy, however, Choi Sungcheol has the secret key for the assignment. He is a super talented rapper that will conquer your heart with his adorable personality. Let's see a little bit more of the Idol.

Fun Facts about SEVENTEEN' S.Coups to know him better

1. His powerful raspy voice

His unique voice is well-known thanks to his fierce style. Here's the iconic "SEVENTEEN right here".

2. He actually pretty cute

The rest of the members say that S.Coups is a cute leader. He has a lot of aegyo and loves to hug his teammates.

S.Coups with Seungkwan / Twitter @latodate

3. The S.Coups game

Since his name is quite unique, the members of SEVENTEEN came up with the idea to make a game in honor of his four-syllables name. They are hilarious!

4. His love for the members

He thinks the group is a family. During an interview, he said that the members are more important than the label. He is always taking care of them.

S.Coups during 'Be The Sun' / Twitter @weniis_17

5. His beloved dog

S.Coups always shares photos with his cute dog Kkuma. He loves to spend time with animals. Such a sweetheart!

S.Coups and his dog / Twitter @weniis_17

For sure you have already fallen for the rapper. 

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