SEVENTEEN's Hoshi for 'Face The Sun' SEVENTEEN's Hoshi for 'Face The Sun'

Fun facts about SEVENTEEN's Hoshi that will make you fall in love with him

Do you want to know more about the charismatic Hoshi? We are telling everything about the SEVENTEEN's lead dancer.

All the members of SEVENTEEN are super talented. The group is well known for its flawless performances. The singers of "Darl+ing" have unbelievable energy on stage. They have nothing but hits on thy discography.

Did you know that Hoshi was behind various choreographies o the group? Since their debut, the Idols were involved in the creation of their music. Woozi is in charge of the music and Hoshi of the dance.

The 26 year old Idol participated in the choreography of "Pretty U" and the iconic "Don't Wanna Cry". His creativity is out of this world. There is no doubt that this all-rounded artist will co quer the world pretty soon.

Off-stage his super charismatic as well.  his adorable and energetic personality will make you fall for him. Don't you believe us? These fun facts will change your mind. If you're not a CARAT yet, well, that is going to change right now.

Fun fact about the SEVENTEEN's Hoshi, the leader of the Performance Unit

1. His Tiger Agenda

No matter what he is doing, Hoshi is constantly reminding us that he loves tigers. He introduces himself as "Eyes Of Tiger". Even though the fans joke with him telling him that he looks more like a hamster, his always fighting for his tiger title.

That is how he came up with the idea of "Horanghae" [Tiger and love in Korean: horangi + saranghae].

Hoshi and his horanghae pose / Twitter @ArsVenator

2. He really looks like his mom

Hoshi is super adorable. Apparently, his lovely smile is a family heritage. His mom is very cute as much as he is.

Hoshi with his mom / Twitter @coupsbestboy

3. He debuted as a spider

Hoshi made his solo debut with the single "SPIDER" in 2021. The member used to joke around with him saying that he can be a tiger anymore.

Hoshi for 'SPIDER' / Twitter @HOSHlFlCATlON

4. He is a rap genius

Hoshi is not just a great dancer, he also is a talented vocalist and rapper. During Vlive broadcasting, he made a rap about the clothes he borrows from the leader S.Coups.

5. He has a tiger song

Yes, Hoshi is always talking about tigers. So he dropped this special track to clarify his spirit animal is a Tiger. It is cheerful and adorable!

Are you ready to join Hoshi's fandom?

Did you know he is a close friend of NCT's Doyoung? Read more about it here.

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