Park Eun Bin's fun facts Park Eun Bin's fun facts

Fun facts about Park Eun Bin, learn more about this amazing K-Drama actress

You're surely loving Park Eun Bin in 'Extraordinary Attorney Woo', if you want to know more about her here are some fun facts

Park Eun Bin is an actress who has given the best of her talent in a lot of dramas and right now we see her in Extraordinary Attorney Woo, do you want to know her better? Here are some fun facts about this Korean celebrity.

On September 4, 1992 in Seoul, South Korea, Park Eun Bin was born, we now recognize her for her work as an actress in a lot of K-Dramas and movies where she has put all her talent in front of the cameras. It has been a long time since she debuted and little by little her career has been growing.

There are a lot of dramas in which we have seen Eun Bin, among her most outstanding works we can name 'Do You Like Brahms?', 'Judge vs. Judge', 'The King's Affection' and recently 'Extraordinary Attorney Woo'. She also has a movie career with movies like 'Secretly, Greatly' or 'How To Keep My Love'.

There is no doubt that Park Eun Bin is a very professional Korean actress and she has shown a lot of her sides in her work. Thus, she has won the love and support of the public both in Korea and around the world now that K-Dramas have become popular internationally.

Do you want to know more about Park Eun Bin? Here we have some fun facts about this excellent actress that you should know.

7 fun facts about Park Eun Bin to know everything about this talented Korean actress

1. Park Eun Bin's first drama

The Korean public has literally seen Park Eun Bin grow up on television, as she started out as a child actress since her debut was in 1998 when she was only 7 years old in Korean age. Her first drama was 'White Nights 3.98' and she had the character of Choi Soyoung.

Park Eun Bin started her career as a child | Twitter: @parkeunbinintl

2. Singer Park Eun Bin

Besides being an incredible actress, Park Eun Bin is also a great singer, she proved it once singing for the K-Drama 'Operation Proposal', she has an amazing voice!

3. Park Eun Bin's movies

Park Eun Bin debuted in cinema in 2000, she has acted in a total of 7 movies, here's her filmography.

  • A Girl's Prayer
  • Memories
  • The Romantic President
  • Has the Shower Ended?

  • How to Keep My Love

  • Death Bell 2: Bloody Camp

  • Secretly, Greatly


4. Violinist Park Eun Bin

Park Eun Bin is not only a great singer and actress, she's also an amazing violinist, she has surprised fans with some performances in which she shows more of this talent she has.

5. Park Eun Bin in Extraordinary Attorney Woo

Did you know that Park Eun Bin rejected her role for 'Extraordinary Attorney Woo' a couple of times? This was because she didn't want to hurt anyone with this role, but the production of the drama really wanted her to be a part of the cast and they even waited for her to decide.

Park Eun Bin rejected the role of Woo Young Woo | Twitter: @seoahe

6. Park Eun Bin's agency

In which agency does Park Eun Bin work? She's under Namoo Actors, which has a lot of more actors like Kang Ki Young, Lee Joon Gi and Park Ji Hyun, etc.

Park Eun Bin is a Namoo Actors' actress | Twitter: @calldrean

7. Park Eun Bin's awards

Park Eun Bin has had around 24 nominations in her career and has won 8 awards out of these. Among those she has received are 'Best Young Actress', 'Popularity Award' and 'Best Actress'.

Park Eun Bin and her awards | Twitter: @parkeunbinintl

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