Pachinko's fun facts Pachinko's fun facts

Fun facts about Pachinko, learn more about this Lee Min Ho drama

'Pachinko' is a great drama starring Lee Min Ho, learn more about it with some fun facts

'Pachinko' was a great drama for fans and critics, do you want to know more about this series? Here we have some fun facts about it for you.

'Pachinko' is a drama starring Youn Yuh Jung, Kim Min Ah, and Lee Min Ho. This series was broadcast on AppleTV+ and was well received by the public. It tells the story of Korean people during the Japanese occupation era. We follow the protagonists Sujan during her life. And also to Koh Hansu.

This series has two time lines that are followed during the plot, this generated great expectations in the public that little by little continued to enjoy this great production on the platform where all its episodes are still available and that everyone should really watch.

Did you see this series? Perhaps you were totally conquered by the talents of its protagonists, you let yourself be enveloped by the interesting plot and great history of its people. It was an excellent series that everyone could watch thanks to the platform taking it to every corner of the world with subtitles for the convenience of international K-Drama fans.

Here are some fun facts about 'Pachinko' that you should know, learn all about this amazing AppleTV+ series. And maybe you'd want to re-watch it soon.

6 Fun facts about Pachinko that everyone should know

1. Pachinko's originis

The 'Pachinko' drama is based on a 2017 novel of the same name written by South Korean-American author Min Jin Lee. This was the origin of this drama in a book that you may be interested in reading now that you saw the series.

Pachinko is originally a book | Twitter: @kdramafolder

2. Lee Min Ho in Pachinko

Lee Min Ho made his debut as a villian in Pachinko, here the actor had his first role as a villian, isn't it amazing? We really loved the way he embodied Koh Hansu, it was simply amazing.

Lee Min Ho as Koh Hansu | Twitter: @_Rachtweets_

3. Pachinko filming

Pachinko filming was carried out in three different countries, Korea, Japan and the United States as history said. The recordings began in October 2020, so it took approximately a year and a half from the beginning of these for its premiere.

Pachinko was filmed in three different countries | Twitter: @kdramatreats

4. Pachinko audtions

All of the members of the cast had to audition for their roles in Pachinko, except for one of the actresses, Yuh Jung Youn dind't auditioned but got casted, why she didn't do it? Here's her answer.

I’m a veteran actress, if I take this audition but if I can’t be one of a cast, my reputation gonna be ruined. Audition is not a good idea for me

Yuh Jung Youn didn't auditioned for Pachinko | Twitter: @nancywyuen

5. Pachinko and Barack Obama

What? Well, as we said before, Pachinko is a book too and in 2019 Barack Obama said it was one of his favorite books, OMG, we're wondering now if he enjoyed the series or if he thinks the book is better.

Pachinko was Lee Min Ho's favorite book | Twitter: @forlmhonly

6. What is a Pachinko?

Pachinko is actually a Japanese game of luck/bet similar to pinball. This is in many casinos in the country and is also part of the origin of the writing of the book on the origins of this K-Drama.

Pachinko parlor in Japan | Twitter: @senjatanuklir

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