Moon Ga Young for Dazed Moon Ga Young for Dazed

Fun facts about Moon Ga Young you should know before joining her fandom

Would you like to know more about the star of "Link: Eat, Love, Kill"? We are telling you some fun facts about Moon Ga Young that will make you love her even more.

Are you watching "Link: Eat, Love, Kill"? It is a beautiful love story, right? The plot is very interesting and the cast is perfect. Our beloved heroine Noh Da Hyun is played by the actress Moon Ga Young.

This talented lady got massive popularity thanks to the super successful drama "True Beuty" in 2020. She has been working in the industry since she was pretty young. Even during her rookie days, her awesome talent conquered the public.

Her journey in the acting world started in 2006 with projects for the movie theater and Tv. The K-Drama "Mimi" gave her the first lead role. Nowadays she is one of the most popular Korean actresses of the younger generation.

For sure you are already a fan of the beautiful artist. Before officially joining her fandom, here are some fun facts about Moon Ga Young that you need t know. Is impossible not to love her! Here we go!

Fun facts about Moon Ga Youn that will make you join her fandom

1. She speaks German

Hr family is Korean but Moon Ga Young was born in Germany. She moved to Korea when she was 10 years old.

2. She is a close frined of Apink's Namjoo

Namjoo of Apink and the actress met at the university. Their friendship is adorable!

Namjoo and Moon Ga Young / Twitter @theseoulstory

3. She worked with EXO

In 2015 EXO released its own K-Drama. Moon Ga youn was the protagonist of this adorable series.

Moon Ga Young with EXO's Chanyeol / Twitter @kayoungarchives

4. She acted as Jung Yonghwa's little sister

As just we said, Moon Ga Young started her acting career when she was pretty a child. In 2011 she took the role of the little sister of Jung Yonghwa in the iconic K-Drama "Heartstrings".

Moon Ga Young for 'Heartstrings' / Twitter @tasyayh

5. She is a skillful dancer

She is a rookie but pretty charismatic dancer. This cover of Hwasa's original single "Don't" is amazing. Judge by yourself.

That's it! Welcome to her fandom!

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