Shownu's fun facts Shownu's fun facts

Fun facts about MONSTA X's Shownu, get to know the leader of this idol group better

Shownu is a great artist who has led MONSTA X, learn more about him with these fun facts

Shownu is great, as the leader of MONSTA X he has always done an amazing job, learn more about him with these fun facts we have for you.

MONSTA X is a cool idol group that debuted in 2015. Its members were chosen after they all participated in the reality show 'No.Mercy'. Among his idols we can find Shownu who shocked the world with his audition in said survival program.

Clearly, thanks to his amazing singing and dancing skills, Shownu was chosen as a part of MONSTA X. And indeed, he was given the big role of leader, since then he has fulfilled his role and worked hard for his members and MONBEBE, the faithful fandom that loves and supports this boy band.

Shownu has proven to be a great dancer and also has an impeccable voice, he is an amazing artist with a beautiful personality that has captivated millions of fans. There are a lot of things we can admire about this amazing MX idol that show us that he is great as an idol and as a human being.

Do you want to know more about Shownu? Here are some fun facts about the MONSTA X leader that you may not have known before.

8 fun facts about MONSTA X's Shownu to get to know this idol better

1. Shownu's real name

Shownu is just an stage name which means 'new show', but the truth is that this idol's real name is Son Hyun Woo, if you look carefully you see that he used the same letters ofhis birth name for the stage one.

Shownu is just a stage name | Twitter: @ultsmx

2. Shownu's trainee days

Did you know that Shownu trained for 7 years? But he wasn't a trainee for Starship Entertainment for that long, actually he used to train in JYP Entertainment and almost debuted with GOT7. But that agency wasn't in sync with him, so he changed it.

Shownu during his trainee days | Twitter: @pinkpeachWH

3. Shownu as an actor

Shownu had his debut as an actor in the movie 'Seoul Ghost Story', in 2022 it was released and it's about a compilation of urban legends from Korea.

Shownu in Seoul Ghost Story | Twitter: @minhyuklocked

4. Shownu's All Of Me cover

As we mencioned before, Shownu was a part of 'No.Mercy', for the first mission of this show they had to show their talents and actually Shownu made a cover of 'All Of Me' which was pretty much epic. His voice was so good in this song, we loved it back then (and we still love it, tho).

5. Shownu's inspiration

Rain is Shownu's role model, it was this actor and singer who inspired this MONSTA X member to become an artist too! It's great that we see them together in a campaing with Pepsi and they also danced together to BTS' 'Dynamite'.

6. Shownu before Starship Entertainment

After leaving JYP and before joining Starship Entertainment, Shownu was working as a backup dancer and he really liked it. But one of his friends told him about the agency and then he decided to try again and he did it! He said that he'd be cool just being a backup dance since he really loves to dance.

7. Shownu in MONSTA X

Besides being the leader of MONSTA X, Shownu is also a coreographer for the idol group, he has worked in the coreographies for the boy band, and his fellow members say that he's the most hard working idol of the group. Aww!

8. Shownu's hobbies

Shownu likes to excercise, listen to some music, he also enjoys dancing a lot. He uses to play mobile games before going to sleep. Oh! An here's an extra: His favorite food is meat and his favorite color is black.

Shownu's hobbies and interests | Twitter: @YungFlxerDenise

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