Kihyun's fun facts Kihyun's fun facts

Fun facts about MONSTA X's Kihyun, learn more about this amazing vocalist

Kihyun is one of the members of MONSTA X and you can know more about him with these fun facts

MONSTA X has amazing idols among its ranks and one of them is Kihyun, know some of his secrets with the fun facts we have for you.

MONSTA X is an amazing K-Pop group with members who are extremely dedicated to music and their performances. Since their debut in 2015, they have given their best in every comeback for their fans. Among the members of this great K-Pop group we find Yoo Kihyun who has performed as a vocalist and dancer.

Kihyun was born on November 22, 1993 in Gyeonggi, South Korea. Like all MX members, he entered the idol group after participating in the survival program 'No.Mercy'. This idol has not only worked with his idol group because in 2022 he debuted as a solo artist presenting more of his talent.

We can admire a lot of things about Kihyun, he is an excellent vocalist with simply amazing ranges that give a unique touch to each MONSTA X track. He also has a bright personality, he is smart, serious, hardworking and dedicated. He cares about his members and MONBEBE.

Do you want to know more about this idol? Here we have some Kihyun fun facts so you know everything about this great member of MONSTA X.

7 Fun facts about MONSTA X's Kihyun every fan should know

1. Kihyun's birthday twins

As we said before, Kihyun was born on November 22, and he has a lot of birthday twins in K-Pop since NCT's Chenle, BTOB's Eunkwang, Boys Republic's Onejun, INFINITE's Dongwoo and SEVENTEEN's Woozi were born on the same day but different year.

These idols were born on November 22 | Twitter: @peachysooo

2. Kihyun's hobbies

What does Kihyun do on his free time? He loves to cook, he's actually good in the kitchen and MONBEBE knows it. He also loves to go to dance, go out with friends, and take photos with his camera, he even took special photos for a version of MONSTA X's 'Shape Of Love' album. These are his hobbies.

Kihyun is good at cooking | Twitter: @kyunnessy

3. Kihyun as a host

Kihyun's personality is great on screen too! That's why he was a host for the second season of 'Midnight Idol', a great show in which he and I.M shared some time with other idols.

4. Kihyun's favorite things

Kihyun has a lot of favorite things, he loves to eat chicke, even when he goes to the beach, he also loves dogs. His favorite color is blue, he loves oversized clothes. He admires Michael Jackson and he also loves indie rock.

Kihyun and his favorite things | Twitter: @imkyunssi_

5. Kihyun's least favorite things

There are some things that Kihyun dislikes too, like fish, he can't eat that because of the smell of this food. He doesn't like it when someone says his short, or when someone doesn't like his style or criticizes it. 

Kihyun doesn't like these things | Twitter: @booqijae

6. Kihyun's solo debut

On March 15, 2022, Kihyun had his solo debut. 'Voyager' was the album in which he featured 3 songs as a solo artist and he surprised his fans with his individual talent and fresh style.

7. Kihyun's ideal type

What do you need to steal Kihyun's heart? His ideal type is someone cute with lot of aegyo, he says that he loves to love it doens't matter if it's unrequited love, OMG. He also says that if he falls in love at first sight he'd hesitate to speak to the girl in question.

Can you steal Kihyun's heart? | Twitter: @booqijae

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