Hyungwon's fun facts Hyungwon's fun facts

Fun facts about MONSTA X's Hyungwon that every MONBEBE should know

Hyungwon is one of the talented members of MONSTA X, learn more about him with these fun facts

MONSTA X has extremely cool members and one of them is Hyungwon, you can know all their secrets with the fun facts we have for you today.

MONSTA X is an excellent K-Pop group that debuted in 2015 after its members had to pass various tests on the reality show 'No.Mercy'. Since then, this idol group has presented great songs for their fans. Among its members we find Chae Hyungwon.

Hyungwon has performed as a singer and dancer for MX, at first he even considered himself part of the rapline, but later he would stick with more parts as a vocalist. He's an extremely smart guy, funny, obviously talented and dedicated and he's shown it plenty of times with his idol group.

Wonnie has also managed to conquer MONBEBE with his visuals, he is one of the most handsome idols and has really made an impact with his work as a model. There is so much we can admire about Hyungwon and we can't help but see all the good qualities that he has.

Do you want to know more about Chae Hyungwon? Here we have some fun facts about this MONSTA X member that all his fans should know, discover all his secrets.

Get to know Hyungwon better with these 7 fun facts about the MONSTA X idol

1. Hyungwon is not only an idol

Hyungwon won't only work as an idol, he's also an actor, a model, a DJ and a great MC. He has worked in a lot of things, like 'Fly Again', his webdrama, he has modeled for several brands and also used to be the MC for Idol Radio with Joohoney.

Hyungwon has a lot of talents | Twitter: @itzzznika_mx

2. Hyungwon is the best adviser

Did you know that Hyungwon always has the best advice for MONBEBE? He always supports his fans and tells them what to do if they are in a difficult situation. Even Joohoney said that Won has a strong mind and that he is the one he goes to when he needs help, aw!

3. Hyungwon and the memes

There are a lot of Hyungwon videos and photos that have become the best memes for MONBEBE, there was one time in which he was known for all of those, it was pretty fun, he had a meme fame.

4. Hyungwon's hobbies

Hyungwon has said that he enjoys traveling, modeling and shopping as his hobbies, he also loves to sleep on his free time. Woah! Now you know why he's the best model, it's his hobby too!

Hyungwon actually likes to model | Twitter: @TurtleLoveCat

5. Hyungwon's favorite food

Hyungwon really loves to eat but he loves it even more when he can get some BBQ ribs, jumbo shrimp or sashimi, he also loves to eat fries, even when he's on a diet and he shouldn't, those are his favorite foods.

Hyungwon loves to eat | Twitter: @winter_minhyuk

6. Songwriter Hyungwon

Oh! We can't forget about all of the tracks that Hyungwon has written for MONSTA X, we loved 'BEBE' which a song dedicated to MONBEBE, and he also wrote 'Secrets' a song which is completely in English, both of these are on 'One Of A Kind' by his K-Pop group.

7. Hyungwon's personality

Hyungwon seems like a shy guy at first, he seems somewhat withdrawn, calm and quiet. But we also know that once he finds confidence he will be joking and funny like he always is. He is also someone super dedicated, hardworking, someone wise and also very delicate.

Hyungwon's personality | Twitter: @desztroyer

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